What is a drawn copper tube?

Copper: The color of pure copper is called red copper or copper. Copper pipe manufacturing methods: 1, rolling mill rolling; 2, extrusion machine extrusion; 3, broaching drawing. The process of drawing red copper tubes: heating copper ingots—extruding the tube blanks by an extruder[…]

Xiagong Chusheng Road Wrecker | Trailer | Rescue Vehicl…

Xiagong Chusheng Road Wrecker Trailer Rescue Vehicle Instruction Manual. Xiagong Chusheng (Hubei) Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Sales Manager: Wang Chunbo Sales Phone Xiagong Chusheng Road Wrecker | Trailer | Rescue Vehicle Instruction Manual First, the rescue vehicle is a speci[…]

Geogrid use

Geogrid use contact: Hou Manager mobile phone geogrid definition: two-dimensional grid or a certain height of three-dimensional grid with thermoplastic or molded polymer such as polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride The screen grid, when used as a civil engineering, is called a geogrid. 1. Geogrid […]

How to decorate a small European-style study

The home space is very small, but I still want to set up a European-style study room at home. The creative design will make all the decoration dreams come true. Let's take a look at how to decorate the European-style small study. European style small study decoration [1] European-style g[…]

China's plastic doors and windows industry developm…

At present, plastic building materials have become the second pillar industry in China's plastics industry with its excellent energy-saving features, with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%. Due to the accelerated construction of new cities and the progress of public infras[…]

Renovation Feng Shui: 15 office Feng Shui principles

Office feng shui layout has common sense taboos, and anyone's office should pay attention to: 1. The layout of the office is balanced by the dragon and the tiger, and the tiger is weak. Sitting on the office chair is the observation point, the left front is the Qinglong position, and the […]

Modern and efficient cutting tools will gradually becom…

The number of high-speed, high-efficiency CNC machine tools and machining centers in the domestic manufacturing industry is rapidly increasing, and a large number of highly efficient cutting tools are already required. Modern efficient cutting tools will gradually become the mainstream of […]