Artificial veneer stone

Artificial veneer stone is an artificial material made of non-polar or organic cementitious material as adhesive, natural sand, gravel, stone powder or industrial residue as coarse and fine filler, which is formed, solidified and surface treated. It generally has the characteristics of light w[…]

U.S. launches new generation of solar tracking and data…

On January 30, Eastern Time, an Atlas 5 rocket was powered by NASA’s new generation of tracking and data relay satellite “TDRS-K” launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. air. Relay satellites are called "satellite sa[…]

Semiconductor LED luminaire definition

A semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) lamp is a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting device. It uses a solid semiconductor chip as a luminescent material, and in the semiconductor, composites emit excess energy to cause photon emission, and directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, cyan[…]

Adjust mentality Sanitary ware enterprises talent train…

The mentality affects the action, and the employee's attitude to work directly affects the quality of his labor achievement. Sanitary ware is a labor-intensive industry, and most of the work is done by manual operations. In particular, manual workers such as carvings are inseparable fr[…]

China's hardware tool market surges in demand

With the acceleration of the global economic integration process, China's stainless steel hardware tool processing industry has gradually become the main force of the world's hardware and tools industry. Some developed countries and developing countries in Africa, the Middle East a[…]

Photovoltaic rural-to-rural policies force trillions of…

State Council Vice Premier Li Keqiang said on the 12th that the country will combine urbanization construction, adopt measures such as encouraging the application of solar power generation equipment, supporting distributed generation and grid connection, and increase domestic market develo[…]

Egyptian rebar raised prices in December

Earlier, the Egyptian iron and steel industry speculated that the government imposed the rebar import duty at the same time or increased the domestic rebar sales tax from 8% to 10%, but recent news that the government has decided to postpone the rebar sales tax increase, the market is expe[…]