Proper use of LCD splicing screen to extend the service life

The failure of the LCD splicing screen due to a long period of unmaintained maintenance is a relatively irritating problem, and the location of the fault is the main part of the system. If the problem is serious, then its maintenance costs will far exceed the cost of routine maintenance. If it is considered from an economic perspective, it will undoubtedly increase the cost of use. Therefore, in the daily use of LCD splicing screen must develop the following good habits:

Users need to develop good habits in the process of using LCD splicing screen

Try to avoid pointing your finger at the screen as much as possible. Because the liquid crystal splicing screen is very delicate, and the combat capability is relatively poor, it is very easy to increase the dead pixels. This is exactly why some users find the bad points more and more important reasons for a period of time. This situation is irreversible and remediable. In addition, do not open the back cover of the LCD splicing screen under the condition of electrification. Even after the power is turned off, the voltage of the stored transient is very high. The CFL transformer in the background lighting assembly still has a high voltage of about 1000V.

Keep dry environment. The internal design of the LCD splicing screen is very precise. If the environment is wet, it will easily oxidize and cause short circuit, which will cause huge economic losses to users. Therefore, we must try to keep the LCD splicing screen dry in use. If you find moisture on the surface of the screen, wipe it gently with a soft cloth before you turn on the power. If moisture has entered the LCD panel, the LCD panel must be placed in a well-ventilated or warm place to allow it to evaporate. If the situation is more severe, ordinary users can ask professionals to help solve it. Do not allow the LCD splicing panel to work when no moisture is removed. Otherwise, the liquid crystal electrode will be corroded and the LCD splicing screen will be permanently damaged.

Correctly clean the LCD screen. The LCD splicing screen is used for a long time, and it is easy to have some dust and dirt. Cleaning the LCD splicing screen is inevitable. When cleaning, we must use the correct cleaning method: Use a soft, non-fiber absorbent cotton, lens paper, or soft cloth, etc., to remove a little glass cleaner, and gently wipe off the dust or dirt on the screen.

LCD splicing anti-static method:

1, insulation. The so-called insulation is to stick the insulating tape between the LCD splicing screen and the metal and power connection as much as possible, which can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity.

2. The line is separate from the line. Separate the VGA cable from the power cable when routing the cable. Because the general VGA cable has no shielding layer, it is easy to cause static electricity when you go along with the power cable.

3, grounding. The so-called grounding is the direct discharge of static electricity through the wire to the earth, which is the most direct and effective way to prevent static electricity.

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