In the new year, where are the six kinds of multifunctional sofas to change their position?

In the New Year, visiting relatives and friends is an essential courtesy. After the guests arrived, what was the bed in the family? For small size, such embarrassment is even more obvious. So, why not buy a multifunctional sofa? During the daytime, the sofa can be used for gatherings and meetings with relatives and friends. It can be used as a bed in the evening and it is very good. So, Xiao Bian gives you several recommendations.

Living room multifunctional sofa bed recommended 1:

Product Name: Ya Tang House Fabric Ma Double Folding Sofa Bed

Purchase price: 1499 yuan

Recommended reason: natural breathable cotton and linen fabric, stylish and simple brown off, outline the atmosphere of the sofa, wood sofa feet add a calm. In the picture, the backrest of the sofa is detachable, and it can be set flat so that it can sit flat and become a bed.

Living room multifunctional sofa bed recommended 2:

Product Name: Shi Ruijia 1.2 meters small apartment multifunctional folding sofa bed

Purchase price: 1899 yuan

Recommended reason: simple sofa shape, there are 5 different colors, selective and flexible, but also highlights a stylish sense of color. The sofa frame is made of metal material, which has strong load-bearing capacity, flexible deformation, and the soft and comfortable bag of the sofa is also very comfortable.

Living room multifunctional sofa bed recommended 3:

Product Name: Xiyuan Yiju Small Size Multi-functional Sole Leather Sofa

Purchase price: 4980 yuan

Recommended reason: atmospheric elegant color, high and low heart back, calm fashion modeling, elegant and noble decoration, so that this sofa looks very modern living texture, as long as the drawer pull the sofa base, will be covered with leather mats Can be put together into a comfortable temporary bed.

Living room multifunctional sofa bed recommendation 4:

Product Name: Small size Japanese-style lazy multifunctional folding fabric sofa

Purchase price: 699 yuan

Recommended reason: from the perspective of cost-effective strongly recommended this sofa, as long as 699 yuan can have a soft and flexible sofa bed, simple folding can become a sofa, and gently expand can become a mattress on the ground, really Very practical and convenient! The praise of this product is also rushing.

Living room multifunctional sofa bed recommendation 5:

Product Name: Pagadi colorful multi-functional folding sofa bed

Purchase price: 1289 yuan

Recommended reason: Do not say that the price is more real, from the results of the expansion point of view, this sofa is completely turned into a bed, simple flip three steps can complete gorgeous transformation, and this fabric sofa Pattern color is also a major feature, showing the dynamic sense of dynamism.

Living room multi-functional sofa bed recommended 6:

Product Name: Poetry Ruijia fabric multifunctional simple sofa bed

Purchase price: 1199 yuan

Recommended reason: the trend of the color back soft pack with noble purple, this stylish elegance makes the family full of vitality. This sofa is relatively mini, does not take up too much space at home, spread out to become a single bed, simple and generous.

Note: The above multifunctional sofa beds are available in the 1st shop.

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