Vertical single-stage centrifugal pump profiles introduced

After many improvements, the vertical single-stage centrifugal pump has now reached an excellent level and stands out in many products. It is also one of the most commonly used types of pumps. It is also second to none. So, the vertical single-stage centrifugal pump profile is what kind of? Below to the Asian Fluid Network Xiaobian take you look at the vertical single-stage centrifugal pump section view details. Vertical Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump Sectional View and Structure Introduction Vertical Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump Sectional Overall Advantages The water pump has a smaller footprint and a vertical structure of more than 40%. It can be super-stable without a floor. Vertical single-stage centrifugal pump section of the motor adopts Y2 series dust-proof motor, protection class IP54, all closed-end processing, can be placed outdoors, higher quality and safety. Compared with previous Y series motors, this series motors have more advantages of using the temperature higher than the original 30 degrees Celsius, Class F insulation, even if the temperature is more than 100 degrees, can also be rated for normal use. The hydraulic model is excellent, the horizontal structure of the inlet and outlet makes the liquid flow smoothly, the loss is smaller, all can make the performance in the best condition. Vertical single-stage centrifugal pump shaft seal axial section seal configuration with excellent mechanical seal, longer life, saving 50-70% of the management costs, lower cost. Bellows configuration will be longer life expectancy, is 2 times the normal mechanical seal, will not leak. Vertical single-stage centrifugal pump cross-section of the direct-connected structure of the motor and pump shaft directly connected to small vibration, low noise, the motor side of the heat sink shape properly arranged, making the running period more stable and more quiet; large diameter impeller balance , Reduce vibration coordination. Vertical single-stage centrifugal pump section of the modular design versatility, can be equipped with connecting plate, vibration isolation better. Above is the Asia Fluid Network Xiaobian bring you the vertical single-stage centrifugal pump profile information, I hope you buy a single-stage vertical centrifugal help. (Editor: Qian Wen)

Light-weightness and more resistance to earthquakes and strong winds. 
Sustainability and less lifecycle cost thanks to low maintenance costs and highest quality materials, such as galvanized steel. 

Shorter construction period with the help of modularity and error-free prefabrication of building elements. 

Environment-friendly thanks to reusable steel members and minimized wastes by efficient usage  of materials in the factory. 
Functionality, provided by relocatable, replaceable and load carrying walls and efficient usage of  the space.

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