Summer decoration, floor you have to pay attention to these

It is one of the important projects for the renovation of new houses and the laying of floors. In the hot summer months, do you know what are the precautions for summer flooring? Next, Xiao Bian came to give everyone a look at science and technology, and what issues need to be paid attention to in the summer decoration. Tips1: Pay attention to the weather before the floor pavement Shanghai is hot and humid in the summer. When the home is renovated to lay the floor, you must first pay attention to avoiding the hot weather and be careful not to lay the floor on rainy days. Because high-temperature weather paving the floor of the water vapor is easy to evaporate, later prone to dry cracks, curling phenomenon; rainy days, the foundation is relatively damp, the floor is easy to damp after the damp. Therefore, the temperature of the room should be selected to be stable when paving the floor. Tips2: Check the summer floor carefully before laying the floor. First check the moisture content of the foundation. The best moisture content is 10%. It should be noted that before laying the floor, be sure to clean the floor of the cement and dust, etc., in order to ensure the foundation leveling before paving, in addition to the summer is generally not suitable for the use of adhesive methods to fix the floor, some water-based Adhesives can easily cause dampness on the floor. Tips3: Pay attention to the maintenance of the floor. The summer lighting is relatively strong. The direct exposure to the sun for a long time on the floor is easy to crack and age, thereby shortening the service life of the floor. In the summer, after the completion of floor paving, attention is paid to the ventilation of indoor air. This is helped by the volatilization of toxic gases such as formaldehyde. When indoor ventilation is performed, attention must be paid to changes in the weather to prevent the rain from floating into the room and causing the floor to soak in water. Xiao Bian believes that if your home is just fitting in the summer, do these things when laying floors, and you don't have to worry about this or that problem. It's best not to rework!

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