Laizhou: China's largest marble and granite producing area

Abstract As the hometown of stone in China, Laizhou is also the largest stone processing and export base in northern China. It is famous for its rich stone production at home and abroad. The city has abundant reserves of stone resources and is one of the largest granite and marble producing areas in China. Laizhou granite is closely related to structure and strength...

As the hometown of Chinese stone, Laizhou is also the largest stone processing and export base in northern China. It is famous for its rich stone production at home and abroad. The city has abundant reserves of stone resources and is one of the largest granite and marble producing areas in China. Laizhou granite is famous for its compact structure, high strength, good toughness, acid and alkali resistance and weather resistance. Marble is famous for its pure texture, bright color and exquisite color. According to the geological department, the total reserves of granite and marble that are easy to exploit in Laizhou are more than 3 billion cubic meters. There are more than 20 varieties of cherry red, sesame white, black and white flowers, Laizhou blue, Laizhou red, snow white, and cloud ash. Among them, Laizhou cherry red, sesame white granite and snow white marble are “Chinese famous stone varieties”, and “Laizhou Brand” series snow white marble plates won the “Gold Quality Award”, the only national quality product in China's stone industry. ", has won a broad market with excellent and luxurious quality.

Laizhou is the earliest area for mining and processing stone in China. According to historical records, in the Tang Dynasty, the marble mining industry in Laizhou was very prosperous; in the early 20th century, the Stone Carving industry in Laizhou had begun to take shape and had a strong influence in the country; since the 1980s, the stone industry in Laizhou has been It has developed vigorously and formed a complete industrial scale such as mining, sheet metal processing, profile processing, process engraving and stone trading. At present, the city's various types of stone mining and processing enterprises have reached more than 2,200, employing more than 100,000 people, the annual mining of 1.8 million cubic meters of raw materials, more than 500,000 cubic meters of foreign materials purchased from abroad and outside the city, the annual sheet processing capacity of 6000 10,000 square meters, more than 200,000 pieces of engraving products, along the 218 provincial road stretches a hundred miles of stone corridors, forming a large-scale, intensive stone industry industrial system.

At present, Laizhou's stone is exported to more than 20 countries (regions) and domestic large and medium-sized cities, with an annual output value of more than 16 billion yuan; annual export value of more than 100 million US dollars. Tiananmen Square, the Great Hall of the People, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and other well-known projects at home and abroad have sparked the elegance of Laizhou stone.

In order to further enlarge and strengthen the stone industry, Laizhou City invested 1.5 billion yuan to build “China (Laizhou) International Stone Industry and Trade City” as a gathering area for adjusting and optimizing the stone industry structure and promoting its development to high-grade, modernization and internationalization. And driving area.

[Comment] Zou Chuansheng (President of China Stone Industry Association)

Laizhou is known as the "stone city" in history. It is a city rich in stone resources, especially rich in marble and granite. The local stone is economically active and the stone industry is relatively concentrated. The scale of the stone industry is also in the province and even in northern China. There are only a handful of them. Laizhou Stone Industry has taken advantage of its own advantages. It has held the International Stone Fair for 9 consecutive years and started the “China Stone Capital” brand.

The development of China's economy has experienced a process of gradual transfer from south to north. From the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta to the Bohai Sea, the exhibition will of course also shift with the transfer of the market center. At that time, only Laizhou was the first to have such conditions in the northern region. Because the key to the stone industry is resources and one is the market. The venue of the International Stone Fair is either in the resource area or in the central area where the market is concentrated. Laizhou has advantages in both aspects. The “Stone City” is well-deserved.

On natural stone coffee tables, we mainly operate three kinds of stone coffee tables, semiprecious stone , marble and granite. We pay attention to develop new style, new combination from time to time, presently produce mainly three kinds:

1.     Granite Coffee Table: Granite tabletop +wood/bamboo/metal stand.

2.     Real Marble Coffee Table: real Marble tabletop +wood/bamboo/metal stand.

3.     Semiprecious stone(specially our blue sodalite)+ real wood stand


Description of Natural Stone Coffee Table

Brand Name: HR Stone

Material: granite, marble, semiprecious stone

Granite: mainly G603,G654,G682 ,Black granite-as you like if wholesale.

Color: light grey, dark grey, black, yellow-

Marble: white marble, black marble

Semiprecious stone: mainly Blue Sodalite , also Tiger Eye, agate..,

Color: natural blue, yellow, grey. agate can be colored.


Size and design: custom

Application: indoor or outdoor, coffee table

Packing: in strong wooden crate

Deliver port: Xiamen

MOQ:30-50 sets

Feature: natural stone table top with natural texture

       Stand with diversified choice

       Different combination show different effect.

Natural Stone Coffee Table

Natural Stone Coffee Table

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