316L stainless steel seamless pipe prices fell below the three-and-a-half-year low

The price of 316l stainless steel seamless pipe fell below the three-and-a-half-year low. The construction steel price in Shanghai continued to decline weakly. As of the 17th, the price fell by 50 yuan per week at a price of 3,590 yuan per ton. 316L stainless steel pipe products , at present, the price of the third-grade rebar in Shanghai is about 3,500 yuan, down 40 yuan a week; the price of high-quality secondary rebar in Shanghai is also about 3,500 yuan per ton, compared with last week. Flat. People in the market report that after the middle week and the middle of the week, with the sharp decline in steel futures and the resurgence of rainy weather in some areas, end users turned to wait and see, steel prices fell again weakly.

Steel mills are downsizing in terms of factory prices, but they are counter-productive in terms of output release. After Baosteel, WISCO and Shougang successively introduced the ex-factory price of the plate in June, and lowered the ex-factory price of the main plate types such as hot-rolled and cold-rolled by 150 to 260 yuan per ton, reflecting the obvious increase in the order pressure of the plate manufacturers. The latest pricing of construction steel manufacturers is also the following. The ex-factory price of steel mills such as Rizhao and Jiugang, which are closely related to market pricing, has been lowered. According to the latest statistics, domestic crude steel output increased by 6.8% in April; the average daily crude steel output was 2.188 million tons, up 2.3% from the previous month. This daily average production hit a new high in history, indicating that the steel mill is still reversed. With the increase in production, the contradiction between supply and demand in the steel market has been difficult to be effectively alleviated.

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