Introduction and Analysis of the Application of New Coating Technology in Bending Machine Mould

For the coating technology, it is also widely used in the blade of the shearing machine, and because it has been widely used in this way, this time introduces the TiN coating material: his many advantages and perfection of the bending machine mold Combining the high bonding strength with the substrate and the application technology of the materials of different materials, it has created a new standard for the bending machine mold industry, which has promoted the industry to develop more rapidly and more smoothly.
First of all, the daily bending machine coating materials are mainly as follows. Their corresponding characteristics are as follows: (Ti, Al) N-based coating materials: high hardness, high oxidation resistance, (Ti, Si) N series Coating material: high hardness, high oxidation resistance, (Cr, Si) N-based coating material: low friction, good anti-sticking machine function (Al, Cr, Si) N-based coating material: high oxidation resistance, (Ti,Si)N+(Al,Cr,Si)N-based coating materials: high hardness, low friction The functional strength of the coating can be divided into four categories: TiN coating is mainly used to improve the combination with the matrix material. Strength; (Ti, Al) N-based coating is used to make the surface of the bending machine mold under compressive stress and improve hardness; the purpose of using (Ti, Si) N-based coating is to improve the oxidation resistance of the bending machine mold. (to meet the requirements of high-speed cutting); and the (Cr,Si)N-based coating is used for the chemical affinity of the bismuth coating material and the iron workpiece material.

In contrast to the above-mentioned examples of the application of several new coating materials in the bending machine mold, it can be seen that the relative bending of the CNC bending machine adopts (Al, Cr, Si) N series and (Ti, Si). N-series super-multi-coating still has certain advantages, and it is still very concerned about its performance and its characteristics, so the various coating materials and related properties of the coating bending machine molds currently on the market are in the article. We also have some introductions. It is recommended that manufacturers who produce bending machine molds choose their own coating materials according to the actual situation.
The content of this article will be mentioned here for the time being. I hope that through the introduction of today's article, we can have a certain grasp of the coefficient of the bending angle of the bending machine.

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