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Smooth oil to satisfy the functional needs

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-12-31

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(1) Suitable viscosity and excellent temperature resistance The viscosity of the smooth oil is related to the startability of the starter, the wear of the machine, the consumption of fuel and smooth oil, and the loss of power. The viscosity of the oil is too large; the fluidity is poor. The time required to enter the conflict surface is long; the fuel consumption will increase; the wear of the machine will increase; the cleaning and cooling will be poor; but the sealing is good, the viscosity will be too much.芊庑 睿 睿 ニ鸫螅 ニ鸫螅 β β β β β β 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以 所以Smooth, below 0 ° C; even to -40 ° C, it is required to have a satisfactory flow; to ensure smooth start. Therefore, the viscosity characteristics and temperature resistance are good.
(2) The function of clearing and dispersing is good. When there is too much dust such as sludge in the smooth system, it will be separated from the oil; it will constitute the oil filter and the oil hole blockage, the fluidity of the oil is poor, the piston ring is stuck, the fuel consumption is increased, and the power is reduced. Grade appearance. In order to prevent the above problems; it is necessary to add oil-soluble cleansing agent to the smooth oil. The cleansing agent is mainly divided into metal type detergent and ashless type powder. In the meantime, the metal type cleansing agent can prevent the piston. The accumulation of sludge in the ring groove; the cleaning of the piston ring area is good; when it is used alone, it is called detergent, and the ashless type detergent can prevent the sludge in the ring groove from being poor; but the ability to promote the sludge in the oil is strong; Sometimes called sputum alone. The best combination of the two.
(3) Outstanding smoothness is mostly used for sliding bearings; and it has to accept a large load; for example, the main bearing is 5"10MPa (steam) and 10-20MPa (chai); the connecting rod bearing is 7-14Mpa ( Steam) and 12-15MPa (wood); individual parts can reach 90MPa. The smoothing oil of the initiator is under high load and high pressure; it is necessary to have outstanding smoothness.
(4) Good acid neutralizing fuel, especially diesel; rich in sulfur; the acid gas generated after incineration is linked with water to form a solution such as sulfuric acid or sulfurous acid. These acids will corrode the metal in the initiator. Therefore, the demand for smooth oil has a good ability to neutralize with acid; reduce the acidity of incineration to the originator.
(5) Antioxidant and thermal oxidation function. Smooth oil will be in contact with oxygen at high temperature; its oxidized product will make smooth oil 蜕 失效; this is one of the leading causes of many problems in the initiator. Antioxidant 1234 increase agent; prevent its oxidative enthalpy.
(6) Outstanding anti-foaming property due to the intense agitation and smooth splash of the crankshaft; simple generation of bubbles from smooth oil; smoothing of the smooth function; and incurring problems with the oil pump. Therefore, it is necessary to participate in the outstanding foam press agent product in the smooth oil; The occurrence of foam; the effect of sticking to smooth oil.

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