Instant shopping mall multi mall app source code development

App development for instant shopping mall system [Zhuang Sheng 158 Dian 1504 Wei 7940 ] is similar to the development of app system for instant shopping mall, software development for instant shopping mall system, system development for distribution mode for instant shopping mall, and development for instant shopping mall.

1. Analysis of the system of instant shopping malls:

1. First entry conditions: purchase any 399 products, you can become a member, enter the ranking, you can share the lower level

2. Ranking method: copy two or two, according to the order of the order, from top to bottom, from left to right, automatically slide to the superior team of each point, and fill up 7 people ( points)

3. *** and reward: The team is filled with 7 points, the top point *** , *** can get a layer reward of 150 / point, that is 300 yuan (150 * 2 ), second The level reward is 120 / point, that is, 480 yuan (120 * 4 ), a total of *** can get at least 780 yuan, if the second-tier personnel are directly pushed by themselves, the second-tier reward is also 150 / Point calculation

4. *** : After the system is forced to ****** , 399 yuan is deducted from the 780 of *** , and the ranking will be re-ranked in the order of *** , the same team before the ranking is still hanging Below the same team, continue to *** make money by analogy **

5. *** Rule: Only after recommending at least 2 people can you *** , if you do not recommend at least 2 people can enter the ranking, you can see *** , but *** cannot *** , the system *** 95 % Available, 5% directly converted into points, used to redeem products

Second, what are the advantages of the instant shopping mall

1. Instant membership

Immediate storekeepers adhere to the tenet of carefully selecting good goods, building trust and earnest service, and providing 6 core services to make Immediate members buy and be satisfied.

2. Small shop entrepreneurs

Starting from the point where individual entrepreneurs can get a solid and sunny income , Instant Pin Shopkeeper has full support of 8 core services, making the time of the instant pin shop entrepreneurs more valuable.

3. Instant supplier

That is, the small partners who work together will continue to improve the service level and standards of suppliers, strive to achieve the mission of "fixing production according to demand, rapid turnover", and constantly empowering suppliers.

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