Winter closed window, strict air system, ventilation

The big winter nest is in the house, and the doors and windows of the room are mostly tightly closed, or only a small slit is left. In this way, the fresh air in the room is easily polluted, and it has to be ventilated by air conditioning or fresh air system. In recent days, the reporter visited some of the home shopping malls in Chengdu and saw that in addition to the traditional top air supply, there is also a new air-conditioning system with ground air supply on the market.

The room is boring? The air is not oxygen enough!

According to the national indoor air quality standards, approximately 30 cubic meters of fresh air per person per hour is required. In this way, it can meet the healthy living requirements of the general population breathing nearly 8 liters of oxygen per minute. In the big winter, most of the windows in the house only leave a gap, and you have to avoid blowing through the wind. In this way, the air quality in the home will naturally be significantly affected, especially the elderly and children have been waiting for a long time, prone to red, chest tightness, head heat and sinking feeling, which is what we often say "hypoxia."

Moreover, the air conditioning in the home takes a long time, and it is easy to make the population dry. In this way, many people choose a relatively fresh and practical air-conditioning system. Some new buildings have been installed with fresh air systems, and owners who do not have pre-installed fresh air systems need to be reinstalled. The reporter visited Fussen, Red Star Macalline, Real Home and other major home stores and shops in Chengdu. The hot products for this winter are the heating system based on floor heating and plumbing, and the second is the fresh air ventilation system.

Ground air supply is more thorough

The reporter saw that there is also a fresh air system with ground air supply and top air outlet. The traditional fan roof is installed above the roof. It is necessary to wear the beam to damage the building structure, or sacrifice the ceiling space of 10cm, which has a greater impact on the indoor height. The ground air supply needs to lay a 3cm thick flat tube under the floor tiles, which is much less sacrificed to the height of the floor.

At the same time, the ground air supply is more evenly ventilated, making it easier for fresh air to flow to the height of our living space. Chengbaixin IKEA professionals have an image of this image: from the mouth of the cup to a glass of orange juice poured into the clear water, the first half of the cup is light, but the lower part is still mainly orange juice; if injected from the bottom of the cup In clear water, the orange juice will flow away from the mouth of the cup more quickly, and the cup is almost completely clear. The reporter stood on the ground air outlet and experienced it for a moment. The head of the person barely felt the cold of the fresh wind and had no discomfort to the user. When the winter comes, people in need can choose a family-friendly ventilation system according to the actual situation at home to make their living more healthy. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Zhang Wei

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