Yongkang Hardware Industrial Park Settled in Suqian

Yongkang Hardware Industrial Park Settled in Suqian The signing ceremony for the Suqian (Shanghai) Investment Environment Briefing and the Jiangsu Yongkang Hardware Industrial Park Project was held on December 6th in Shanghai. At the signing ceremony, nearly 100 merchants and guests witnessed the signing of the project and expressed a keen interest in Suqian's superior investment environment.

Vice Mayor of Suqian Municipal Committee and Mayor Lan Shaomin addressed the briefing session. Li Shenghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization, presided over. The Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Party Work Committee of Suqian Economic Development Zone, Xu Bujian, made great efforts to promote the investment environment in Suqian City.

According to reports, the Jiangsu Yongkang Hardware Industrial Park project is located in the Suqian Economic Development Zone. The total planned investment is 5 billion yuan. It is invested by companies represented by China Brothers Holdings Group and is mainly engaged in auto parts, engine parts, garden tools, and travel articles. , sporting goods, door industry and other production and sales. After the project is completed, it will become the new aircraft carrier and leader in China's hardware industry.

In his speech, Lan Shaomin pointed out that in the process of scientific development and development across Suqian, more and more Shanghai, Zhejiang, Cantonese, and Taiwanese businessmen have learned about cognition, from walk-in to integration, and have seen Suqian As the "second hometown", it has become an important new force for the construction of Shinjuku.

The installation of the Jiangsu Yongkang Hardware Industrial Park project will not only provide a strong driving force for the development of the 10 billion-class machinery and electronics industry park, but also will further prosper professional markets in Suqian, which will have a huge impact on the surrounding radiation and boost the development of the industrial economy. The role of promotion. It is hoped that the Suqian Economic Development Zone will do a good job in tracking services, continuously improve the efficiency of outsourcing, and strive to create a more efficient and high-quality service environment so that the project can bear fruit and grow as soon as possible.

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