Analysis of color difference and dyeing principle between stones

Natural stone has different color, and the color of different parts of the same mining area and the same mine will be different. The color of the products that the customer needs must be consistent. This requires selecting the products with the same color from the materials, materials, and layout to put them in one part. The colors are different. For the time being, only the products can be made, which increases the cost. The color lines, stains and sweeping flowers produced by the uneven distribution of the internal structure of natural stone are invisible from the appearance of the blockage, and only after sawing.

How to make full and reasonable use of inventory products and unqualified products, turning them into treasure, using the surface of the product (shallow 1 ~ 3mm) dyeing, can effectively change this problem.

The principle of dyeing: Because the stone has natural gaps, pores, tiny holes, it is easy to absorb the external erosion. Therefore, by using this principle, the penetrant is added to the desired color configuration to prepare a dye that is consistent with the color of the stone product, and the stone surface is dyed.

At present, the dyes are divided into two types: one is already formulated, and is sold on the market, and the other is configured according to the desired color of the stone.

First of all, the dyed stone needs to have the following conditions: the color of the product is slightly different; but the pattern, grain and texture of the product should be basically the same; the color of the stone is lighter, and the difference from the color without dyeing is not very large; The color is dyed dark.

Partial dyeing: It means that the product (the whole product) has two colors in the processing surface, namely the yin and yang color. Only the local dyeing can be done during the dyeing, and the light is dyed to achieve the same effect.

Complete dyeing: It means that the color of the stone is different from the color of the stone that is not dyed. That is to say, the color of the whole stone is too light, and it is necessary to dye all the surface of the product to make the color after dyeing deeper, and The color of the undyed stone is exactly the same.  

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