The trend of Germany's abandoned wind is worrying

The trend of Germany's abandoned wind is worrying Recently, the Federal Electric Power Network Authority, the German power grid regulator, released data that, from 2010 to 2011, the amount of renewable energy that could not be connected to the Internet tripled. It is reported that in 2011, Germany abandoned 421 GW of renewable energy, compared with 127 GW in 2010.

The Federal Network Administration stated that the above phenomena are mainly caused by the disorderly development of renewable energy and the slow construction of supporting power grids. For example, wind power in Germany is concentrated in the northern part of the country, but the southern part is due to a huge power gap in the nuclear abandonment. Since the construction of the transmission network has not been able to keep up, the wind power in northern Germany has almost completely vacated, and the wind abandonment phenomenon is very serious.

In Germany, renewable energy has the right to force internet access. Therefore, even if renewable energy cannot reach the grid, power grid companies must also pay fees to renewable energy generators. According to the above agency statistics. In 2011, grid companies paid 33.5 million euros for idle renewable energy. The analysis pointed out that although this expenditure cannot be compared with Germany's entire renewable energy sector (in 2012, the total investment in renewable energy in Germany was 14 billion euros - about 113.1 billion yuan***), but the trend is worrying.

Note: The real-time exchange rate used in this article is 1 Euro = 8.0755*** Yuan

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