Wu Shuang meters second-hand kitchen renovation small kitchen decoration


Five-square meter old kitchen cleverly remodeled

Small but also with a whole cabinet

In the old house renovations, most of the cabinets were custom-made by the decoration company. Although the size is very suitable, the functional design and quality will be unsatisfactory, because the decoration company is not a professional furniture manufacturer after all. In terms of user-friendly design, most of them are not well thought out. In detail, the use of hardware is often inferior, and when used for one and a half years, there will be loud noises. In the past, for old houses, people's decoration requirements were merely to be able to do so, thus ignoring many key factors. Now even if it is an old house, it must buy a whole set of cabinets. Such a kitchen can only be regarded as an upgraded kitchen.

The old kitchens are generally small, with an area of ​​about 4 or 5 square meters. This way, when choosing the whole cabinet, you have to choose.

In terms of color, light colors are generally used, such as orange, bright yellow, and navy, which can increase the visual sense of space. From the perspective of style, it is best to choose a simple modern version. Any complicated design may affect the visual effect. Cabinets made of glass or metal materials should be good choices; because of the small space, the design of cabinets should be particularly reasonable, and cabinets are essential, and it is best to occupy all the space that may be used. So the overall price of the cabinet is generally around 1,000 yuan / mm, the overall calculation, the price of 7,000 yuan is more appropriate, you can pick to some of the domestic brand-name cabinets.

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