New idea: bicycle desk for power generation and fitness

An innovative company called Pedal Power in New York has developed a bicycle desk called "Big Rig." When the user brakes, the power generated is sufficient to support the computer, charge the phone , and complete other office work.

New idea: bicycle desk for power generation and fitness

The inspiration for combining a bicycle generator with a desk is not the only idea for Pedal Power. Pedal Power was founded in 2008 by Steve Blood and Andy Wekin.

Brad said, "The motivation for starting Pedal Power is to keep people in mind the oil and energy crisis. We considered the impact of humans on the earth and hoped to do something to change the status quo. We wanted to design some that could be done. Working equipment."

To date, Pedal Power has designed products related to pumping, sawing wood and mixing butter. Brad and Wiggin even came up with a custom-made grinder to help nearby farms reduce costs.

Wiggin said, “There are many small-scale farms in the Vermont, Planan and Adirondack mountains. Farmers in these areas have found us and hope that we can meet this demand.”

All the machines made by Pedal Power were handmade by two founders. But Wiggin, who has an engineer background, says his welding technique is better than another founder, Brad.

Brad and Wiggin hope that one day they will be able to make their own products mechanized, especially considering that the current price of $2,000 is really unreasonable.

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