Hollow Glass Brick Introduction and Construction Process

Glass bricks should be used less in home decoration. In addition to playing the role of bricks, glass bricks play a more decorative role. Next, we will briefly introduce the introduction and construction of hollow glass bricks .

一、Introduction of hollow glass brick

Glass bricks were invented by the British in 1929, and their references in China were in 1959. However, due to various reasons, glass bricks were not developed in the domestic market. Later, Texas Zhenhua Decorative Glass Co., Ltd. devoted itself to the production of glass bricks, and further promoted glass bricks effectively. The company's success in promoting glass bricks is because the company has strictly established relevant standards for the glass brick industry and strictly controls the production. In addition, from the professional perspective of the glass brick industry, the company actively participates in the construction drawing of glass bricks and seriously develops all aspects of glass bricks.

Second, hollow glass brick composition features

The chemical composition of hollow glass bricks is high-grade glass sand, soda ash, quartz powder and other silicate inorganic minerals. The raw materials are melted at high temperature, and after being processed, they are non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, odorless, and do not constitute any infringement upon the human body. A truly green product.

Third, hollow glass brick production process

There are two production methods, namely fusion welding and glue bonding.

1. Welding process production process is as follows:

Raw material mixing→melting→shearing→pressing half blanks→welding→annealing→inspection→spray painting→packaging

2. Bonding method

The side walls of the two concave half glass bricks are embedded in the grooves of the thermoplastic annular member with an H-shaped cross section. By means of the sealing material, the surface of the shaped elements is softened under the effect of temperature and extrusion, and then the two are The concave half glass bricks are firmly bonded together to form an integral hollow glass brick. Compared with the fusion bonding method, the bonding method has a low cost and an accurate product size, but the strength is lower than that of the fusion bonding method.

Fourth, the scope of hollow glass bricks

Hollow glass bricks are elegant and magnificent. Mainly used in banks, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, railway stations, landscapes, video walls, civil buildings, indoor partitions, stage, sanatoriums, railway stations, airports, gymnasiums, playgrounds, apartments, private mail, etc. The pavilion is a new type of decorative material that is more popular in the international market today. Currently, Water Cube National Swimming Pool, Shanghai World Expo United Nations Pavilion, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai Radio and TV University, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Dezhou Station, Beijing National CPPCC Building, Tianjin Evening News Building, Shandong Satellite Television Building, Jinan Airport, Shenzhen Stadium and other famous buildings Hollow glass bricks are used.

Fifth, the main performance of hollow glass bricks

Hollow glass bricks are a new member of the glass family. They maintain the original characteristics of glass and incorporate new functions such as structural blocks. They also have strong specifications due to their different specifications, patterns, and colors. Decorative features. As the hollow glass bricks have sealed cavities inside, they have excellent properties such as sound insulation, heat insulation, light control, fire prevention, dust reduction, and anti-condensation.

Editor's summary: The introduction and construction process of hollow glass bricks are introduced here. For more information, you can follow this site information.

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