Corrosion resistance of nitrogen-containing martensitic stainless bearing steel

With the development of industrial technologies in fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, energy, aerospace, marine and biological engineering, the requirements for the comprehensive performance of stainless bearing steels are getting higher and higher. In particular, environmental corrosion of related equipment such as industrial atmosphere, industrial waste water, and seawater has become increasingly serious, and higher requirements have been placed on the corrosion performance of materials. At present, the material used for manufacturing stainless bearing steel in China is mainly 9Cr18 stainless bearing steel, and a few products use 9Cr18Mo. 9Cr18 stainless bearing steel is a kind of high carbon chromium martensitic stainless steel, which will form a certain amount of coarse eutectic carbides in the solidification process, and the size is more than 70μm. It is also difficult to eliminate or refine in the subsequent heat treatment process. . These carbide particles are coarse and unevenly distributed, and most of them are distributed on grain boundaries, which can seriously affect the surface quality and processing accuracy of bearings, and also have a bad influence on the corrosion resistance of materials.
The corrosion behavior of nitrogen-containing martensitic stainless bearing steel in salt spray corrosion environment was studied and compared with 9Cr18 stainless bearing steel. The results show that the nitrogen-containing martensitic stainless steel bearing steel has better corrosion resistance than 9Cr18 stainless steel bearing steel. Compared with 9Cr18 stainless bearing steel, the corrosion morphology of nitrogen-containing martensitic stainless bearing steel in salt spray corrosion environment is mainly pitting corrosion. The corrosion area did not increase significantly with the increase of corrosion time. When the corrosion time reached 120h, the corrosion area ratio was only 0.44%. The average corrosion rate and corrosion depth of nitrogen-containing martensitic stainless bearing steel were 0.026 g·m-2·h-1 and 2.3 μm, respectively, which were lower than those of 9Cr18 stainless steel by 60.6% and 66.2%, respectively. The small size and uniform distribution of carbides in the nitrogen-bearing martensitic stainless bearing steel play an important role in improving its corrosion resistance.

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