The lie was smashed through the high-end furniture of the Shenzhen home store.

The luxurious Da Vinci was smothered by lies, and the aftershocks spread throughout the furniture market. The crisis is also a business opportunity. Many insiders believe that domestic brands can take the opportunity to grab the high-end furniture market. Yesterday, a survey of several home stores in Shenzhen found that high-end furniture manufacturers have taken off the "dress" and held up the "domestic" brand.
“Non-import” into the sales focus “Although our products are British-style, but from design to production are completed in Wenzhou, Zhejiang.” On the second floor of Haobainjia Caitian Store, the salesperson of Luyisha Shenzhen Home Store Said to reporters. In the three furniture stores of the century-old home and the Century Center Xiangmihu store, these foreign-style furniture decoration brands such as “Luyissa”, “Comando” and “Adisse” not only readily recognize the products. Since the country, “non-import” has also been the focus of new sales.
Yesterday morning, in the “Danish style” closet store located in the 2nd district of the Century Center, the salesperson is selling the wardrobe of red maple to the consumer: “Guan has been making custom wardrobes in Shenzhen for ten years, we have the top domestic The designer, the wardrobe design has its own style, which is no less inferior to the foreign designers.” The salesperson of the Luyisha Shenzhen home store is more straightforward: “After the Da Vinci incident, many consumers will ask about our products. Is it imported, there is a feeling of distrust, we also understand the mood of consumers, but fortunately we have never said that it is imported goods."
The marketing strategy of playing “domestic brand” has also moved from offline to online. In the local forums such as Shenzhen Real Estate Information Network, there have been many posts of solid wood custom furniture. Shenzhen Yijia and other furniture stores have posted various domestic products. Discount advertisement for furniture.
Marked "domestic"
“In Shenzhen, the proportion of furniture imported from Europe and the United States accounts for less than 10% of the total market. In addition, some are imported from Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries.” Chairman of the Bureau of Traditional Furniture Professional Committee of China Furniture Association, Guangdong Furniture Dai Pai, the executive chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, gave the reporter such a number. "Globalization has led to a division of labor in furniture production, and it is even less designed and produced in Europe and America."
However, entering any furniture store in China will make people feel that they have entered the European and American venues of the Expo. The furniture industry uses a variety of "edge balls" to put "dress" on domestic brands. Taking a foreign name is the most common way to play the ball. Other methods such as amplifying imported parts in publicity, registering “bags” in foreign countries, and using empty shell brands are also common. "Ordinary consumers like us don't have professional knowledge. If they don't pay attention, they will be fooled." Miss Feng wants to choose a bed at the Xiangmihu store in Century Center, but she is hesitant: "I am afraid of buying imports now." Being cheated, buying domestic ones is afraid of poor quality."
On the second floor of the Hundred Years Furniture Store, the brand name of a solid wood furniture store begins with “United States”, but most of the products are produced in China. On the salesperson's business card, the company title does not see the word "United States", but the brochure indicates that the company is authorized by the US parent company. In the face of the reporter's inquiry, the salesperson quite warned that the company name should start with “Shenzhen” and declared that the product quality was not lost to the parent company's products.
Faced with the doubts of consumers, many furniture stores have taken off the “dress”. In the three furniture stores of Haobainian Home and Century Center Xiangmihu Store, the price label of each piece of furniture is clearly marked with the production origin, most of which are domestic cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Huizhou, including some foreign flavors. The full furniture brands are marked to be produced in China.
The crisis is also a business opportunity. "This Da Vinci incident has caused a lot of blows to the entire domestic furniture industry, including the imported furniture market and the domestic furniture market. This is beyond doubt." Wang Li, a professor at the School of Management at Shenzhen University, believes that domestic consumption The people are caught in awkward situations. "They themselves have a misunderstanding. They think that expensive imported furniture must be of better quality than domestically produced furniture. They also have face at home, so they are willing to spend hundreds of millions to buy. The Da Vinci incident has hit their consumer confidence." In Wang Li's view, the reshaping of the image of China's furniture industry will be "a long process, and everything will come slowly. This is to a certain extent for domestic high-end furniture manufacturers. Is an opportunity."
Dai Aiguo is full of confidence. In his view, after decades of development, domestic furniture has gradually narrowed the gap with foreign furniture in the production process. "In fact, domestic furniture is not worse than foreign countries in terms of quality. Many high-end furniture exports to Europe and the United States, which reflects this from the side."
"Domestic brands love to wear 'dresses', it can be said that it started from the early stage of industry formation. This is a kind of inherent deficiency." Dai Aiguo believes that changing this kind of congenital deficiency, "domestic high-end furniture to seize market share, now is a good Opportunity, but not easy. For the industry, some standards still need to be standardized, such as the production standards of solid wood furniture. For furniture manufacturers, it is necessary to improve the design level. The domestic production process is good, but the design level is still lost to foreign countries. Manufacturers must also strictly abide by the production specifications in order to enhance consumer confidence in the product. The entire consumer market needs to change consumer attitudes and give more support to domestic high-end furniture."

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