Kung Fu superstar Fan Shaohuang enters the lock industry? Meibaolong strives to be the industry leader

On July 27th, the signing ceremony of Wenzhou Meibaolong Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Kungfu Superstar Mr. Fan Shaohuang was officially launched. The Meibaolong brand is the leader of the high-end electric door lock in the electric vehicle industry. This time with the official Hong Kong kung fu superstar Fan Shaohuang Signing a contract is a huge addition to the company, and Maybeon will be the leader in motorcycle and electric vehicle locks in China!

The signing ceremony was firstly made by Wang Kuan, Chairman of Wenzhou Meibaolong Vehicle Co., Ltd., to make a simple answer to the future operation of the Meibaolong brand in the electric vehicle industry. Mr. Wang said that since its establishment in 2008, Meibaolong has always been to enhance the global competitiveness of China's electric vehicles and motorcycles, and to provide customers with the highest quality products for the company's mission, in line with the quality + innovation + service business purposes . Adhere to the road of technological development, independent innovation, and constantly increase the intensity of technology research and development, and constantly strengthen product quality. In the field of raw materials, we insist on not cutting corners, reducing standards, and producing high-quality locks.

After years of hard work, the quality of the products of Meibaolong has a very high standard and is at the domestic advanced level. The various products and performance indicators of Meibaolong meet or exceed the relevant industry standards. We know that electric vehicle locks play an important role in the anti-theft security of electric vehicles. The cases of electric vehicles being stolen in various regions are very common every year. Therefore, the quality of locks has a great relationship with the practicality of electric vehicles in daily life. Baolong locks are well-known in the industry, which is better in terms of quality, and with the higher level of understanding of ordinary locks by social criminals, the patented product developed by MEBOLON--------------------- The shackles of the market criminals, this anti-theft anti-smashing technology, after the new modified front cover, greatly improved the grade, in the whole vehicle sales process, the Meibaolong anti-theft lock is also a very useful selling point!

Meibaolong will take this meeting as an opportunity to turn the company into a first-class brand in the industry. In terms of brand management, it not only has its own brand characteristics, but also cooperates with the kung fu star Fan Shaohuang to create the brand of Meibaolong. Star brand. In his future plans, President Wang clearly stated that it will strengthen internal management and use more professional teams to create more professional products. In the current situation of the electric vehicle industry, Meibaolong will control manufacturing costs and increase R&D investment. High-tech technology to compensate for the cost links in the production process, improve the technical level of employees, enhance the cohesiveness of corporate teams, help employees grow, and create a learning-oriented corporate culture.

In recent years, the development of the electric vehicle industry has gradually entered the right track. More and more movie stars have begun to be interested in this industry about people's livelihood. With the gradual transformation of the electric vehicle industry from the grassroots industry, as an accessory manufacturer in the industry chain, it is In the trend of industry development, Meibaolong Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. has a very important position in the electric vehicle supporting industry. At present, many brands of electric vehicles are using the locks of Meibaolong Company. These years of development have indeed made a great contribution to the industry, and have been well received by the industry in product R&D innovation. This time, with the signing of Kung Fu superstar Fan Shaohuang, the more mature electric vehicle industry today, Meibaolong Company There will be a wonderful tomorrow!

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