Grinding gold circular saw blade six major considerations

1. The grinding fluid is determined by the grinding fluid. When grinding, a large amount of tungsten enamel and diamond powder are generated. The surface of the tool is not washed in time and the pores of the grinding wheel are cleaned, so that the surface grinding tool can not be polished, and the alloy is burned without sufficient cooling.

2. The influence of the grinding mechanism on the grinding teeth. The alloy circular saw blade grinding teeth is good or bad in the structure and assembly of the machine. At present, there are about two types of models in the market: one is the German type of floating ink. This type adopts vertical grinding and pinning. All the advantages are hydraulic stepless movement. All feed systems use V-shaped guide rails and ball screw rods. The grinding head or the boom adopts the advancement of the advancement of the knife, the retraction of the retraction and the adjustment of the clamping cylinder. The heart and the support piece are flexible and reliable, the tooth extraction is accurately positioned, the saw blade positioning center is firm and self-centering, the angle is adjusted at any angle, the cooling and flushing is reasonable, the man-machine interface is realized, the grinding precision is high, and the pure grinding machine is rationally designed; the second type is the current horizontal type. For example, Taiwanese Japanese models, mechanical transmissions have gear and mechanical clearance, the sliding precision of the dovetail is poor, the clamping plate has low smooth performance, the adjustment of the support core is difficult, the tooth extraction mechanism or reliability is poor, and the plane two sides and the left and right rear corners are not in one heart grinding. Cutting, the deviation is large, the angle is difficult to control, and the mechanical wear is difficult to ensure accuracy.

3. Welding factors. When the welding is performed, the deviation of the alloy is large, which affects the grinding precision. When the grinding head is pressed, the pressure is small, the back angle also produces the above factors, the welding angle is poor, and the human inevitable factors are all factors such as the grinding wheel during grinding. Produce unavoidable effects.

4. Influence of grinding wheel quality and particle size width. When using the grinding wheel to grind the alloy sheet, pay attention to the particle size of the grinding wheel, and the grain size is too coarse to grind to produce the grinding wheel trace. The grinding wheel is fine in size and easy to block the grinding amount and easy to burn the knife. The diameter of the grinding wheel and the thickness of the grinding wheel are determined according to the length and width of the alloy or the different tooth shapes and the various surfaces of the alloy. It is not a chamfer or front angle grinding wheel. The grinding can be arbitrarily ground with different tooth shapes. Specification grinding wheel.

5. Grinding head feed speed. The grinding of the alloy saw blade is completely determined by the feed rate of the grinding head. Generally, the feed rate of the alloy circular saw blade should not exceed this value at 0.5 to 6 mm/sec. That is, it should be within 20 teeth per minute, exceeding every minute. If the feed speed of 20 teeth is too large, it will produce serious knife or burnt alloy. The grinding wheel will produce convex and concave surface, which will affect the grinding precision and waste the grinding wheel.

6, the grinding head feed amount, the choice of grinding wheel size is extremely important for the amount of feed. General grinding wheel is recommended to use 180# to 240# extreme quantity selection 240# to 280# not to use 280# to 320#, otherwise the feed rate should be adjusted.

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Label: Six major considerations for grinding gold circular saw blades

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