Some precautions to avoid camera power failure

The video surveillance system has become an important technical means for modern city management, monitoring and control because of its ability to visually and truly reflect the characteristics of the monitored objects. In particular, the digital video surveillance system relies on the network, with the compression, storage, transmission and playback of digital video as the core. The characteristics of intelligent and practical image analysis occupy the commanding height of today's surveillance technology.

But if you want the camera to start up, you need the camera power. Any electronic product can't be separated from the power supply, and the camera is also inseparable from the camera power supply. So what happens to the camera if the camera power supply is faulty? Is there any way to effectively prevent the camera power supply from malfunctioning?

1. The first is the power interference camera. Because it is subject to external interference during the transmission of the camera power supply cable, just like the effects of lightning and AC voltage. If this happens, it will have a great impact on the camera. Therefore, when installing the camera power cable, the camera power cable should not be too close to the AC cable.

2. The problem of insufficient camera power supply will also affect the camera. The problem that affects the camera is that the problem of infrared night vision blur is that the infrared camera is normal during the day and the night vision effect will be blurred when it is night. If you observe it yourself, you will find that the brightness of the infrared light board is not high. The cause of this problem is that the power supply is insufficient. Why is the power supply insufficient? That is because the daytime light is sufficient and the camera lens can capture enough natural light for the CCD sensor to image, while the infrared light is off. Because the infrared light board is relatively power-hungry, it will increase the power supply overhead when the infrared light is turned on at night, which will cause the power supply of the camera power supply to be insufficient.

3. There is no picture display of the camera video. After the installation of the project is completed, the camera will find that there is no image showing this problem during the debugging process. This is also a problem caused by insufficient power supply to the camera and the camera cannot be started. Why is this problem? It is not necessary to calculate the power of the camera when the camera is installed. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the camera before installing the camera. How much power is the camera power supply.

The above are some of the effects that are easily caused to the camera when the camera power supply fails, and related precautions. In fact, most of the problem of camera power failure is the problem of insufficient power supply to the camera. The method for solving this problem is also very simple. Just calculate the power of the camera that requires a total of power before the camera is installed. After the installation is completed, the problem of insufficient power supply of the camera power can be effectively avoided, and the power supply of the camera power supply is not insufficient. The problem caused the camera power supply to be damaged and the camera to be damaged.


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