Dong Mingzhu: You thought that you succeeded, that means you are at the end.

Summary "If a person always feels that he has succeeded, it means that he has already reached the end. But you feel that if you don't succeed and continue to challenge, you can go forward. The founder is not smart, but hard." Editor's Note: Gree cross-border ...
"If a person always feels that he has succeeded, it means that he has already reached the end. But you feel that if you don't succeed and continue to challenge, you can go forward. The founder is not smart, but hard."
Editor's Note: Gree made a cross-border car, which really made Dong Mingzhu pay a lot of thoughts. On August 18 last year, Gree Electric announced that the company intends to acquire 100% equity of Zhuhai Yinlong by way of issuing shares. The transaction price is 13 billion yuan. . After the completion of the acquisition, Zhuhai Yinlong will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gree Electric Appliances and will be included in the scope of the consolidated report of Gree Electric Appliances.
However, at the extraordinary shareholders meeting held by Gree on October 28, Gree’s plan to acquire Yinlong was forced to abort due to opposition from small and medium shareholders. Dong Mingzhu was even on the scene, and the bombarded shareholders only knew about dividends. In December, Dong Mingzhu paid for his own money, and Wang Jianlin and Others took out 3 billion yuan to invest in Yinlong. Despite the controversy, Yinlong’s first new energy vehicle was officially unveiled last month.
Recently, the commercial reality show "I am the founder" held at the 2017 ceremony in Haikou. As the mentor of the first wave of the former wave team, Dong Mingzhu shared with the outside world why he had to cross-border new energy vehicles and emphasized the founder. The greatest ability is not to be smarter than others but to endure hardship.

The following is the full text of Dong Mingzhu's speech, slightly edited:
Hello everyone, I am very happy. The title of my speech is "The Founder in My Eyes", but in fact I am also one of the founders. Zhang Liang and I are always in front of the waves, I am the oldest one.
It doesn't matter if we are old, but our heart can't be old. Because the biggest characteristic of the founder is that he has great challenge ability, and there is a huge spirit that is not afraid of sacrificing oneself to support us. I saw the confession of every founder at the beginning of the game. In fact, you know what I was like at the time. Feeling, my tears really have to flow out, especially touching, because it is our common experience.
In fact, our greatest ability is not smarter than others. Our greatest ability is to suffer more than others. No matter how difficult we are, we face no setbacks. For example, at the beginning of the day, some people said that he rarely saw children, the children did not know to call his father; some people said that all assets were loaned, and they could not afford to pay their employees; some said that the team was turned upside down, only two three people. What should we do in the face of all this? Meeting the Challenge This is the trait of the founder. We are different from others.
So the greatness of the founder is great when he is willing to try and challenge, and because the success of the founder has made a group of people, because our success brings a better life to others, this is the trait of the founder.
If we are an ordinary person, we don't have to challenge. We can go to work on time, and we will rarely encounter such great difficulties. And our founder is going to try, we are different from others, the founder is a winner; even if we fail, it is still a winner, because we have opened up a path for others.
Just like our first-season purpose guests, we come from different fields. We have the famous actor Ren Quan. Just now, Mr. Wang said that his value has concealed his strength. Zhang Liang always comes from the wine industry. In the eyes of the people, wine is an ordinary thing, but he can make it to the extreme.
And so many young people in the whole season of activities, in fact, we have happiness, but in the process of doing the whole program, we still encounter the pain and contradiction that everyone has not seen.
This pain and contradiction is our challenge. We understand and understand each other in the process of tacit understanding. Because we have different personalities, we all come from different fields. Naturally, many of our thinking may not be the same. Therefore, contradictions are inevitable.
But in this process, even in the collision of contradictions, we are actually growing. The first season was very good, everyone was growing up in the process of experience, including my old predecessor. Because now I talk about the waves before and after, I will count the number of waves before me, but my heart is like them. I am very happy with the post-wave team. I don't think I am older than them. I can integrate them.
The way we look at the whole show is quite different from the ones we have in reality. Wang Lan always talked about it. She said that this program can't handle one thing completely in a short process, so it is very different. Because of the difference in nature, we can learn something.
If everyone says that I am successful, I feel that I am only the beginning today, because if one always feels that he is successful, it means that he has already reached the end. But you feel that if you don't succeed and continue to challenge, you can go forward.
Like Gree, we have achieved more than 100 billion in 27 years. When we met in the company in 1994, we said that we will be proud of our future efforts to achieve 300,000 units, but now Gree has achieved 50 million units. So there is no end to a person’s courage.
Our founders may have different goals and requirements in different eras. The challenges of the Internet era and the past traditional era are completely different. Therefore, in the face of a new environment, how to adapt to the environment is a challenge in itself. The greatest feature of all our founders is to dare to challenge ourselves, not others. This is the root of the success of the founder.
Today, Wang Lan always said that it is a classic. In the process of starting a business, we are different in the things we do, but in the future, our founders must have a broad mind, which is what we must adhere to. We started, we created, we became a great founder, because we drove a group of people, not how much we have won and how much we have earned.
The difference between our founders today and the founders of the past is that our thinking is combined with a country and a society. Gree started its business for 27 years. In the first 21 years, we paid only 20 billion yuan to the state. In the next 5 years, we have exceeded 60 billion. In 5 years and 21 years, it is 4 times. It has contributed 4 times to the country. . This is what our founders really exist.

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