The most strict environmental protection standard opinion draft of the furniture was released

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision posted a draft for the “Emission Standards for Air Pollutants in the Wood Furniture Manufacturing Industry” to make specific requirements for the discharge of wooden furniture. At present, the opinion draft is in the publicity stage, and the furniture company can reflect the opinion, and the deadline is until October 29.

The Jinghua Times reporter learned that the "Air Pollutant Emission Standard for Wood Furniture Manufacturing Industry" at the stage of collecting opinions is the Beijing local standard drafted by the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Research Institute, which is mainly aimed at the environment of wooden furniture manufacturing industry. The pollution problem, that is, the “world's most stringent” environmental emission standards related to furniture manufacturing industry exposed in June this year. In addition to the limits of air pollution emission concentration, testing and control requirements in the production process of the wood furniture manufacturing industry, the standard also produces the nature of the paint in the household production process, the production environment, the production process and equipment in the production process. The process has also been detailed.

The reporter reviewed the standard opinion draft and learned that the maximum allowable emission concentration of the new standard for benzene, benzene series, non-methane total hydrocarbons, and particulate matter is compared with the previous DB11/501-2007 "Integrated Emission Standard for Air Pollutants" implemented by the furniture industry. The prescribed limits are greatly reduced. Wood processing workshops, painting and polishing workshops, and plant boundaries also specify emission concentration limit values ​​for pollutants such as unorganized particulate matter and VOCs. The draft also has detailed regulations on the height of the exhaust pipe and the discharge of pollutants. The opinion draft also requires: “The container containing the VOCs material must be a sealed container; the use and operation of the organic solvent should be carried out in a closable operating environment or equipment; the paint mixing workshop, drying workshop or drying room should be installed. Closed exhaust system and piping to ensure that VOCs with unstructured fugitive emissions are introduced into the pollution control equipment."

According to industry insiders, Beijing's standards may be the most stringent in the world. If the furniture enterprise wants to achieve the discharge standard, the first is to change the water-based paint, and the second is to carry out the end treatment, but the cost is huge, not at a glance.

93 furniture companies were fined for exhaust emissions

Since March of this year, Beijing has held the “Special Enforcement Week for Air Pollution” every month. As of October 21, a total of 93 furniture companies have been punished, and the reasons for the punishment are mainly concentrated on waste gas treatment.

Since the official implementation of the Beijing Municipal Air Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations on March 1 this year, the Beijing Municipal Ministry of Environmental Protection has conducted a number of “Atmospheric Special Enforcement Weeks”, focusing on furniture manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, coal-fired boilers, and waterproof membranes. And other industries to check. There are two main reasons for the penalty furniture enterprises: one of them has no exhaust gas treatment facilities or the abandoned treatment facilities are not operating normally, and the other two have not installed purification facilities, and have not been used normally or dismantled and idle air pollution prevention facilities. The reason why a small number of enterprises are punished is that the exhaust gas is directly discharged or there is no environmental protection formality. The reporter found that most of the companies that were punished were small and medium enterprises.

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