How to choose the old room lighting?

Ms. Liang: I don’t know how to choose lamps for the elderly and children’s rooms. What are the requirements?

Weekly magazine: Old people are used to simple, quiet living environment, so the lamps do not have to be too fancy, choose a simple palace lantern chandelier or ceiling lamp. In order to facilitate the elderly to get up at night, a low-illumination long-light lamp can be placed on the bedside, and the light source of the lighting is suitable for incandescent lamps. The lighting in the children's room suggests that it is best to choose some bright and unique lighting, which will increase the child's imagination and help intellectual development. The shape and color of the lighting must reflect the child's interest and be beneficial to the healthy growth of the child. The main body lamp is intended to be simple and clear, and a simple chandelier or ceiling lamp can be used; the light on the desk must be bright. It should be noted that because children are curious and active, the quality of the lighting must be absolutely safe.

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