The business opportunity of "locking" opens the gold mine of the smart home era

Near the year, the anti-theft problem has once again become the focus of everyone's attention, and the lock occupies an important position in the family security. From the traditional wooden locks, iron locks to the current locks, electronic locks, ... the security of the locks is constantly improved, but the thieves, with the help of "high-tech", can still steal theft, so that everyone can't prevent it. Of course, technology is not the "exclusive" of thieves. In 2005, smart fingerprint locks that opened the door locks by fingerprints were introduced to China from the United States. Because of their safety and technology, smart merchants have taken advantage of their business opportunities. .

In addition to safety, the status quo is also convenient for fingerprint locks.

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the problem of home security is getting more and more attention, and the choice of locks is the most important. Nowadays, people's requirements for locks are not only its high security, but also the convenience of its needs.

Xiaomei is a house rented near Tianfeng Street. Carelessly, she has lost several keys in half a year. "Every time I found the key in my doorway, the doorway was full of locks." Xiaomei said with embarrassment that she would spend about 100 yuan each time to change the lock core, even the unlocking masters. Know her. "It was very convenient to see the fingerprint lock of my colleague's home decoration last time. It is suitable for me who loves the key."

"Old, eyes are not good, open the door to find the keyhole are looking for a long time." More than 60-year-old grandfather told reporters that he and his wife have the habit of morning exercise, but there is no pocket in the morning exercise, the key is not convenient. When I was shopping, I found that there was a fingerprint lock in Suining. After discussing with my wife, I immediately replaced the anti-theft lock of my home with a fingerprint lock and spent more than 2,000 yuan. "Now we don't have the keys in the morning exercise. After we go back, we press the finger and the door opens. It is very convenient. The son said that we are very fashionable. He has not heard of fingerprint locks yet."

In the interview, the reporter found that although the fingerprint lock is a new term for most citizens, in the past two years, the market for fingerprint locks has gradually opened up. Many residents have such smart locks in their homes, most lock stores. Also began to use the fingerprint lock as the store's first product.

Security and business opportunities for unlocking "lock" of business fingerprints

As a tool to ensure the safety of home and life, locks have always played a decisive role in people's lives. Although the lock market has been in existence for many years, its industrial nature also determines the reality that it will never be eliminated. Lock, its demand will always exist, and its market will always exist.

"We started selling fingerprint locks only in 2010." Ms. Xu of Li Wensuo City recalled that it was a fingerprint lock issued by the company at the time. There were only a few samples placed in the store. I thought there was no market in Suining. I did not expect to encounter some customers who are interested in fingerprint locks. When I first started selling fingerprint locks, only a few customers would choose to buy them. But in the past two years, more and more customers have come to buy fingerprint locks. Many customers are recommended by old customers. "Now, many customers come to our store to understand the fingerprint lock first. From the current trend, there will be more and more people who will buy fingerprint locks later."

Fingerprint locks, not just use fingerprints to unlock, fingerprints, passwords, key unlocking is a standard for fingerprint locks. Of course, passwords and key unlocks are only reserved. Ms. Xu said that the current price of fingerprint locks is between 1000 and 3,000 yuan. Because of its safety, convenience and intelligence, more people are more and more accepting this price. Moreover, the current fingerprint lock is more and more advanced. It is like a smart phone. It not only has standard equipment, but also can be equipped with optional functions of door cards and remote control locks according to requirements to meet the different needs of customers.

Forward-looking high security is an inevitable requirement, and high-tech is an inevitable trend.

With the advancement of social science and technology, locks have developed into password locks, magnetic card locks, electronic locks, fingerprint locks, and so on. Incorporating technology elements into the traditional key to control the opening of the lock greatly enhances the security of the lock, making it impossible for the unscrupulous to start, and people can have more protection for their own property security, and the fingerprint lock is A powerful carrier of this guarantee.

The development of the lock industry is similar to the development of the mobile phone industry, and it is developing in an intelligent direction. In the future, with the public's awareness of fingerprint locks and the recognition of fingerprint locks in the market, fingerprint locks will inevitably bring revolutionary impact to the lock market with unique advantages.

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The standard for the purchase of fingerprint locks:

Standard 1: Select brand products

Before choosing a fingerprint lock, customers must understand the history of this company entering the fingerprint lock industry. Some companies have been established for a few years, and their business is only a small business, and the quality of their products is unstable. The long-established enterprises have accumulated rich experience in the industry. Whether it is the application of fingerprint recognition technology or the traditional lock-making process, the quality of the products can be guaranteed. For security reasons, think twice about choosing a brand of fingerprint locks.

Standard 2: Full-defense professional design

High security performance fingerprint lock, combined with traditional mechanical technology and modern high-tech fingerprint identification technology, with anti-theft, anti-riot, waterproof, fire, moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-temperature, anti-shock, anti-wear, rain, sunscreen, etc. The patented design of the defense type and the structure are made of pure stainless steel to achieve the highest safety precautions.

Standard 3: Perfect after-sales service

When buying a fingerprint lock, be sure to understand whether there is a nationwide after-sales service point for the fingerprint lock brand. Is it convenient for users to open a national unified free after-sales service hotline, and promise to provide a solution to the problem 24 hours a day.

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