College students design intelligent plant lighting, wake up and purify air

Taiwanese college students design "Olien" to match plants with intelligent lighting. In addition to providing wake-up, night lighting, night lights and other functions, it can also help clean indoor air.

The Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of the Taiwan University of Science and Technology held a graduation exhibition of "Mao Bean's Hair, Hedgehog's Thorn" today. A total of 65 works were exhibited on the site to convey care and understanding of life. Li Yurui and Chen Qianxin, students of the Department of Industrial and Commercial Design of the University of Taiwan, designed "Olien" to match the plants with intelligent lighting, providing functions such as wake-up, bedside lamps and nightlights.

Li Ruirui said that because of the crowded space in Hong Kong, Taipei and other Asian metropolitan areas, people often live in small rooms. Some rooms do not even have windows. They often cause poor air circulation, insufficient light, and difficulty in sensing weather conditions outside. .

In order to provide better living quality, Li Ruirui said that they are equipped with plants and intelligent lighting, combined with Internet of Things technology and mobile phone Bluetooth. As long as the mobile phone is set in advance, the plant light will also turn on when the mobile alarm clock rings, reminding the user to get up. At the same time, the system will link to the weather website information, and use a bright yellow or blue light to remind the outside whether it is sunny or rainy.

In addition, modern people often use mobile phones in the dark, causing problems such as eye strain. Li Ruirui said that the plant lamp can provide lighting function in the evening. Just like the bedside lamp, when the user puts on the mobile phone, it will become a night light, and the plants can cooperate with photosynthesis to help purify the indoor air.

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