Learn about the cork called "the gold in the wood"

Cork is a purely natural polymer material. Only the bark of the two kinds of trees, cork oak and cork oak, can be used to process cork products. The constraints of growing ground and growth rate directly make cork resources extremely limited. At present, the global supply is less than 20 million square meters a year, which is quite rare and precious. Cork "soft gold" is a deserved name.


Made up of UV surface wear layer, flower layer and 6MM cork layer


In 1573, the Roman Church of Trento decided to decorate the church with luxurious Baroqueism to appeal to the church and return them to the church. Since then, the jewel of Baroque art – Portuguese cork flooring – has been used extensively in the construction of new churches. The hand-made cork flooring that was laid more than 400 years ago in the church of St. Cross in Portugal is still in good use.


The unique cellular structure of cork itself determines its water-resistance. As early as 1680, a person named Dom Perignon found that champagne corks were better than cork stoppers than ordinary wood stoppers. The discovery is the cork industry. The most important step in development.

Environmental protection

The cork is taken from the bark, is a cell structure, does not contain any sugar, does not undergo metabolism, and is completely dormant. The finished product is close to natural materials, and now China's flooring is E0 grade, and the VOC release is 0.1. Caroling cork flooring has been tested by ECO, the world's most professional and authoritative VOC testing agency. The VOC release is only 0.001, almost no, far below the E0 standard, which is one percent.

Sound insulation

As a cork of cellular structure, it contains about 42 million tiny cells per square centimeter, all of which are 14-faceted polyhedrons. Most of them are air, and the cells are also filled with air-like mixed gas. It can absorb the sound of walking and various living noises, reducing noise pollution in people's lives.

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