How to install the indoor door lock?

The anti-theft security of the whole home is mainly derived from the anti-theft performance of the lock of the home entrance door, and if you give a lock with a very high anti-theft performance, but the quality of your installation is poor, leaving the thief with a flaw. , then this lock can not achieve the anti-theft performance, so the installation quality of the lock is also very important, how to install the indoor door lock? Today Xiaobian takes you to study and understand!

Steps and methods for installing the interior door lock:

1. Pay special attention when installing the spherical door lock. Only remove the end with the insurance to install it. Never remove the end with the key. It is best to read the instructions carefully before installation.

2, when installing the handle lock should pay attention: if the left open right open swap, can not cause the handle to go up when opening the door, because the current high-end handle locks on the market have the function of swapping left and right, buy handle lock There is no need to consider the direction of opening the door.

3. When installing the handle lock and the ball lock, use the one-to-one installation manual designed by the original factory.

4. After the door lock is installed, the door lock must be removed when the door is painted, so as to prevent the exposed parts from being stained with paint. When the paint is removed, the protective film of the lock will be destroyed.

5. During the construction period, in order to protect the door lock, it is absolutely not allowed to wrap the exposed parts of the lock with the adhesive tape (including the seal paper), otherwise the protective film on the surface of the door lock will be damaged after the disassembly.

Although the small door lock seems to be relatively simple to install, but because it involves anti-theft, Xiao Bian suggests that you should ask the professional lock installer to install it to ensure the installation quality of the home lock and ensure the safety of the whole home. .

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Label: How to install the indoor door lock?

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