7655 Rock Drilling Machine Operating Procedures

7655 drilling machine operating procedures:

1,7655 rock drill before use should first need to check whether the body of the two connecting bolt nuts are tightened, the rotation sleeve is flexible, whether there is a needle in the machine, air leg frame o-type sealing ring is qualified.
2. Before supplying the gas on the rock drill, 27655, the dirt inside the gas supply pipe and the joint must be blown to prevent the dirt from entering the body and causing the parts to be damaged. When the upper air supply pipe is connected, the nut at the joint must be tightened to avoid loosening and hurting people when supplying air.
3,7655 When the rock drill starts, it should open the car to run, gradually open the full rock at the same time as the air leg force gradually increases, and the largest thrust of the air leg is not to open the whole car suddenly, but not to open the whole car for a long time. Run to avoid scratches and damage to parts.
4,7655 rock drill in the normal operation process, it should always pay attention to whether the two connecting bolts nut loosening, loosening should be promptly tightened, so as not to damage the internal parts, it should also pay attention to the loosening of the trachea nut, loosening should be promptly tightened to avoid Loose trachea nuts hurt people.
The 5,7655 rock driller is a wet center water-injection rock drill. It is forbidden to dry the eye and it is not allowed to remove the water needle.
6,7655 The internal parts of the rock drill must be operated with lubricated oil. No oil-free operation is strictly prohibited.
7. In the operation of the 7765 rock drill, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to station people and other operations under the rock drill and brazing so as not to cut people. Two rock drills should maintain a safety distance of more than 1 meter when they are operating in the same way.
8. Repair and seal the 7655 air leg type rock drill. After dismantling and cleaning, it should be oiled to prevent the rock drill from aging and rusting.

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