Precautions for topdressing after wheat is greened

As the temperature rises, the wheat quickly enters the growth stage, and during this period, the critical period of topdressing will also come after the wheat returns to green. Most farmers arbitrarily increase the amount of reclaimed green fertilizer when topdressing, causing wheat to fall and reduce production. In this case, the Xiaobian of China Agrochemicals Merchants Network suggested that farmers should pursue the “three look” of wheat to return to the green fertilizer to ensure a bumper harvest of wheat this year.

First, look at the seedlings and fertilize. In the process of topdressing, it should be classified according to different seedlings. In general, late seedlings and weak seedlings should be re-fertilized to increase the rate of tillering and panicle formation; strong seedlings should be less or not. At the same time, for the winter, there is no strong seedlings or few single plants, and the wheat fields with a total stem number of less than 400,000 per mu should be applied early and reapplied. Generally, 20 kg of tri-element sulfur-based compound fertilizer is applied per mu. For the wintering period, the individual develops well, and the moderately strong seedlings are less or not applied. The main control is to control the jointing fertilizer to reduce the breeding of ineffective tillers in spring, prevent ridges from closing, and is conducive to ventilation and light transmission. For the Wang Chang Miao, which is too large in the group, in addition to controlling the fertilizer and water during the regreening period, measures such as deep tillage and chemical regulation should be taken to control the growth of wheat roots, stems and leaves.

The second is to look at the soil and fertilize the sand land because of the "small seedlings do not send old seedlings." If the fertilizer is poor and the water retention is poor, it should be applied more properly. If the fertilizer is insufficient, it will have a certain impact on the number of spikes and the number of grains and the growth in the later stage. Due to the poor performance of the previous fertilizer, the clay should be applied less during the regreening period. The extra-fertilization can be taken at the booting stage. It should be noted that the fertilization should not be excessive to prevent greed and lodging.

The third is to look at the fertilization of the sky. If it is raining in the green period, use the fertilizer spreader to apply the fertilizer. It is strictly forbidden to apply fertilizer to avoid burning seedlings, burning leaves and affecting wheat growth. Spreading fertilizers not only does not absorb wheat well, but also causes the volatilization and loss of fertilizer, resulting in unnecessary waste. In the drought, fertilize water in time to increase the utilization rate of fertilizer.

After the wheat has returned to green, the precautions for topdressing have been shared with you. I hope this article will help you.

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