Internet + aluminum industry opens the technological revolution

In this year's "two sessions", Premier Li Keqiang first proposed in the government work report that "the "Internet +" action plan was formulated to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing. So far," The concept of "Internet +" has set off a great discussion on Internet in all walks of life. In the aluminum industry, it is no exception. Some enterprises actively set up the enterprise WeChat platform, and some enterprises understand that they are joining the e-commerce platform.... Then the Internet + aluminum industry What kind of form is it? What does it mean for the aluminum industry?

On July 8, the 11th China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition opened in Shanghai. Liang Xuemin, a professor at Central South University and dean of the Metallurgical Design and Research Institute of Zhongda University, was invited to attend the exhibition and participated in the “Alumina Electrolytic Aluminum Industry Sustainable” held during the exhibition. Development Forum, and accepted an interview with this reporter. Liang Xuemin elaborated on the impact of "Internet +" on electrolytic aluminum production process and equipment.

What is the Internet + aluminum industry?

What is "Internet +"? In layman's terms, it is the Internet + various traditional industries, but this is not a simple addition of the two, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform to allow the Internet to deepen integration with traditional industries and create a new development ecology. "Internet +" is the further practice of Internet thinking. It represents an advanced productivity and promotes the constant evolution of the economic form.

“Internet + Industry” means traditional manufacturing enterprises adopting information and communication technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things to transform original products and R&D production methods.

Liang Xuemin said that the impact of "Internet +" on China's aluminum industry is as Ma Huateng said that "Internet +" is like the impact of electricity on all walks of life in the same year. "Internet +" will bring revolutionary changes to the aluminum industry.

So how does “Internet +” be reflected in the aluminum industry? Liang Xuemin said that "Internet + aluminum industry" is to achieve a high degree of intelligence in the production of aluminum industry, to achieve an unmanned production workshop. To put it bluntly, the "Internet +" aluminum industry is also an industrial upgrade of the aluminum industry.

Liang Xuemin said: "China is a big producer of aluminum industry, and even in the field of electrolytic aluminum technology has been at the forefront of the world aluminum industry, but this does not mean that we have no articles in the field of production indicators, we have to be in the "Internet +" Under the guidance of the concept, accelerate the realization of the intelligentization of the aluminum industry, effectively use a large amount of information and data to better accelerate the development of the aluminum industry. However, if you want to truly realize the informationization, dataization and intelligence based on the existing electrolytic aluminum technology. It may be necessary to face a comprehensive technological innovation in every corner, every small technical field, and even the corners and corners."

Liang Xuemin has also been confused about this. He made serious thoughts when he determined the development direction of electrolytic aluminum ecology and intelligence for his research team two years ago. After two years of research and demonstration by the team, Liang Xuemin firmly believes that "Internet +" will Will bring a revolutionary change to the aluminum industry.

The electrolytic aluminum industry is more easily integrated with "Internet +"

“The electrolytic aluminum industry is more flexible and standardized in the industry. It is easier to implement intelligent operation. Several electrolyzers of the same type are placed in one workshop. Each electrolytic cell is engaged in the same production process, and the staff almost repeats the same process. The operation, the same type of equipment, homogenization of production, is more conducive to intelligent control, information management, big data collection and big data analysis. So Liang Xuemin believes that the electrolytic aluminum industry is easier to integrate with "Internet +".

Liang Xuemin said that the strength of electrolytic aluminum enterprises is different, and the effectiveness of electrolyzers is not the same. For different companies, the same type of electrolyzers are also very different in terms of internal design. This difference is often unclear as a peer and an expert. Some problems are very serious, such as the service life of the electrolytic cell. Some enterprise electrolytic cells have been used for many years, while others are not. What's more important is that the electrolytic cell uses a major accident. Why do the same type of electrolytic cell operate safely in some enterprises, but in other companies? Even in different workshops in the same company, accidents are different. These common problems have not been solved, but it seems to be feasible to switch to thinking about solutions under the "Internet +" concept. For example, there is a professional data acquisition system that collects and summarizes these production data, and then analyzes the data to find out the key points of the problem and then solve it. As a result, the problems that have plagued the industry for many years have been solved. Therefore, the data collection work in all aspects of the production process is also very important. This is the application of big data and data analysis in the field of "Internet +" in the aluminum industry. .

Recently, Liang Xuemin has been thinking about applying the "Internet +" concept to solve the safety problems in the production process of the electrolytic aluminum industry. Liang Xuemin said that if the "Internet +" thinking is used to solve the safety problem of electrolytic aluminum production, there may be new breakthroughs. Liang Xuemin cited four aspects.

First, the problem is positioned. In the past, an accident occurred in an electrolytic cell. On the surface, it may be caused by an accidental factor, such as misoperation of the electrolytic cell or insufficient risk control. However, there are many reasons for the electrolytic aluminum accident. For example, In the design stage, due to the slight difference in the material of the tank or the inherent irrationality of the design of the electrolytic cell, it may have hidden hidden dangers for the safety accident. It is difficult to accurately conclude the specific reasons. Even if there are many sets of equipment or factories with similar or identical problems, it is difficult to know. The reason is very complicated, and it is difficult to achieve them simply by manually. If data analysis and data mining are used, the problem is easy to locate. Second, run control. Operation management in the production process, automatic control of operating parameters, under what operating conditions are prone to accidents, such as common leaks or short circuit explosions, etc. How to avoid these accidents. Third, accident prevention. It is not enough precautionary measures for the accident of the electrolysis cell. When the accident is not known, this involves the imperfect information collection system. The data information in the production process is not enough, that is, our sensor system needs to be treated. After upgrading, the concept of "Internet +" needs to be introduced, and these problems are solved. Fourth, in order to ensure safety, enterprises must have a systematic guarantee. Of course, this is inseparable from the expansion of our scale and the advancement of technology.

Liang Xuemin said that in the above four aspects, if combined with "Internet +" technology, the safety of the electrolytic aluminum plant will be well controlled. This is also the focus of Liang Xuemin's team research work in the near future.

Create an electrolytic aluminum intelligent chemical plant

The application of “Internet +” in the safe production of electrolytic aluminum is only a part of it. For the whole electrolytic aluminum industry, the meaning of “Internet +” application is to realize the intelligent technology of electrolytic aluminum and the intelligent equipment of electrolytic aluminum, and finally create electrolysis. Aluminum intelligent chemical plant.

Recently, the research team consisting of the School of Metallurgy and Environment of Central South University and the School of Information Science and Engineering led by Liang Xuemin has achieved preliminary research results. At the "Aluminum Electrolytic Aluminum Industry Sustainable Development Forum", Liang Xuemin made a research report on "Ecological Intelligent Aluminum Electrolysis Technology" and proposed two major trends in the sustainable development of the aluminum industry in the future: ecological and intelligent.

Liang Xuemin said that the intelligentization of electrolytic aluminum includes intelligent equipment manufacturing and intelligent technology. The intelligentization of electrolytic aluminum is of great significance: the intelligentization of electrolytic aluminum is the need to optimize process operation and improve technical indicators; the intelligentization of electrolytic aluminum is to reduce staff and increase efficiency and reduce The need of cost; the intelligentization of electrolytic aluminum is the need to improve the safety of the production process system; the intelligentization of electrolytic aluminum is the need to improve the management level of electrolytic aluminum. Therefore, we must use the industrial process "Internet +" to create an electrolytic aluminum intelligent chemical plant.

Since the construction of an aluminum electrolysis smart factory is so important, what is the ideal aluminum electrolysis smart factory? In Liang Xuemin's research, the aluminum electrolysis smart factory has already had a rough plan.

Liang Xuemin said that the system structure of the intelligent aluminum electrolysis plant based on cloud architecture is divided into group level and branch level. Its most notable features are big data, unattended, mobile control, and remote monitoring.

Liang Xuemin concluded that the specific work to be carried out in the future mainly includes the following four contents.

First, deep processing of data under big data conditions: develop intelligent data fusion methods for massive data collected by two-in-one fusion networks, thereby eliminating possible redundancy and contradiction between multi-sensor information, and constructing various types of aluminum electrolysis data warehouses. .

Second, decision-making and control based on knowledge automation: Study the intelligent integrated optimization model of controllable operating parameters in each production process as optimization variables.

Third, knowledge-based robots: Based on the aluminum electrolysis process and characteristics, an interactive automatic pole-changing robot and an aluminum-emitting robot were developed.

Fourth, the comprehensive realization of intelligent aluminum electrolysis factory: to achieve all-round intelligentization of all management, control, decision-making and logistics of electrolytic aluminum plant.

Promote "Internet + Aluminum Industry"

Listening to the description of Dean Liang Xuemin, it seems that there is a production picture of the future electrolytic aluminum intelligent factory workshop: the workshop is quiet, the workers are not seen, and the production links are orderly...
However, the ideal is full and the reality is very skinny. In fact, the "Internet +" concept is not very successful in the aluminum industry.

At present, more people simply do not understand the meaning of "Internet +" for traditional industries. In contrast, companies are more willing to believe that hardware changes can improve the efficiency of enterprises and product quality, a set of equipment or some can see The things that are obtained are very valuable. If some software systems or some analytical methods are difficult to be recognized and valued by the company, their value is far from being reflected. These problems are to make Liang Xuemin and his team feel difficult when they are working.

However, Liang Xuemin did not feel discouraged. He said that in the electrolytic aluminum industry, the electrolytic cell is very important, but the equipment that actually serves the electrolytic cell is very small, and the degree of automation is very low. This is an extremely extreme situation. In the electrolytic aluminum plant, electrolysis The trough almost occupies more than 60% of the cost of an aluminum plant investment. The importance of such a high asset density can be imagined, and its equipment is intelligent and neglected. In the past, we mainly used manual management, which is indeed very It is difficult to achieve high efficiency, and if it is replaced by a supporting automation system operation, it can exert its effectiveness.

On the other hand, the working conditions of some jobs in the electrolytic aluminum industry are quite difficult and dangerous. If these problems are realized intelligently, they will be completely replaced by robots, and remote operation is a revolutionary progress. Of course, if we really want to achieve it, we can't do it all at once. We still have a long way to go and we need the joint efforts of our industry colleagues.

Liang Xuemin is convinced that ecologicalization and intelligence are the general trend of the survival and development of electrolytic aluminum enterprises in the future. The development of electrolytic aluminum ecological technology makes it possible to realize the resource-based and harmless production of electrolytic aluminum waste. And "Internet +" will go deep into all aspects of the design and production technology of electrolytic aluminum production, bringing a revolution in electrolytic aluminum. On the basis of intelligent design, production and operation management of electrolytic aluminum, the establishment of an electrolytic aluminum intelligent chemical plant will greatly improve the operational efficiency of electrolytic aluminum plants and the competitiveness of electrolytic aluminum enterprises.

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