3D CAD example tutorial: Using the 3D sweep function to draw shaped springs

Common springs are cylindrical (see Figure 1), and 3D CAD designers can easily create renderings using 3D software. And some shaped springs (as shown in Figure 2/3), in fact, as long as the use of the sweep function, it can be easily achieved.
Let's take a look at how the 3D CAD software in China can quickly realize the creation of shaped springs:
Step 1. Use the sketch function to create two sketches for the sweep path and the outline separately. The sweep path sketch, shape and size are specified according to the actual size requirements.
Figure / sweep path sketch
Figure / red line segment is the contour sketch Step 2. After the sketch is created, use the sweep function to sweep out the contoured spiral.
a. Select two sketches respectively, the contour option to select the contour sketch, and the path option to select the path sketch.
b. In the conversion settings, design the distortion option, select the linear, the change value is set as shown below, the input value is the total degree, divided by 360 is the number of spiral turns.
c. Switch to the zoom option in the conversion setting item, the zoom type selection is variable, add points to select several online points on the path and input the corresponding scale to adjust the size of the spiral. The scale is based on the outline sketch. Proportional adjustment.
After the above steps are completed, the effect is as follows:
Step 3. Extract the spiral using the function of the wireframe module.
Step 4. Use the rod sweep function to quickly generate the spring.
Through the above method, the 3D CAD designer can quickly design the effect diagram of the shaped spring. More shaped, more varied shaped springs can be made. Zhongwang 3D's sweeping function is very powerful, and with the parameterized settings, you can draw many special spiral entities.
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