How to accurately choose a floor heating boiler

How to accurately choose a floor heating boiler

First, pay attention to product quality

The choice of floor heating boilers must first pay attention to the quality of the products. The key to reliable quality is whether the quality of internal parts is passed. Users are best to choose products of well-known brands, well-known brands have relevant quality assurance, strict product inspection, and passed the qualified testing of relevant national departments.

Second, consider the power size

The output power of the floor heating boiler is generally considered based on the area of ​​the house, the location of the area, the indoor temperature setting, the insulation of the wall temperature, and the needs of the user. Generally, a house with an area of ​​120m2 or less should be a boiler with a power of 18kw, and an area with an area of ​​120-180m2 can be used for a boiler of 24kw. If the floor space is too small, but the boiler with too much power is used, the use of large materials will result in waste of energy. The heating temperature of the floor heating can be adjusted by the user. Users who want a higher room temperature can also choose a boiler with a slightly higher power.

Third, pay attention to safety performance

The boiler mainly uses gas as a raw material, which poses a safety hazard and the safety protection performance is indispensable. When choosing a floor heating boiler brand, you must carefully understand its safety performance, and see whether the product has protection functions such as leakage protection, water shortage protection, electronic ignition induction, antifreeze protection of heating system, anti-dry and over-temperature protection.

Fourth, pay attention to energy conservation

Measuring the quality of a boiler is an important indicator of its energy efficiency. Boilers with high efficiency and full combustion are the best choice. For example, the condensing boiler has a combustion value of 109%, which can save 15%-30% energy compared with other heating methods, saving energy and saving money.

The floor heating boiler is an important part of floor heating. To install floor heating, it is necessary to choose a quality floor heating boiler brand.
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