What are the types of wood preservative wood

Anticorrosion wood is the use of the principle of pressure, the size of the material into the pressure tank, inject wood preservatives, through the vacuum pressure, so that the wood preservatives penetrated into the wood layer, and then vacuum pumping tank drying. Its superior anti-corrosion performance, can last long-term protection of wood and prolong the life of wood. In countries such as Europe and the United States, the law mandates that outdoor wood must use preserved wood. The next small series for everyone to introduce what wood and anti-corrosion wood species.

What wood is wood

Anti-corrosion wood is made by adding artificially added chemical preservatives to common wood to make it resistant to corrosion, moisture, fungi, insects, mildew, and water. It can directly contact the soil and moisture environment, and is often used for outdoor flooring. , projects, landscapes, flower stands, etc., for people to rest and appreciate the natural beauty, is an ideal material for outdoor flooring, garden landscapes, wooden swings, recreational facilities, wooden plank roads, etc., deeply favored by garden designers, but with the science and technology The development of wood has been very environmentally friendly and it is therefore often used in interior decoration, flooring and furniture.

What are the types of wood

1, Russia Scotch pine

Russia's Pinus sylvestris can directly adopt high-pressure infiltration method to do full-surface antiseptic treatment. Its excellent mechanical performance and beautiful texture are recommended by designers and engineers. Russia Scotch Pine has a wide range of applications for wood preservatives, wooden plank roads, kiosk platforms, pavilions, water hall corridors, flower rack fences, footpath wharfs, children's play areas, flower beds, trash cans, outdoor furniture, outdoor environments, and hydrophilic environments. And indoor and outdoor structures can be used. Due to its unique anti-corrosion technology, all architectural works can be stored for a long time.

2, Nordic red pine

European red pine, after a special anti-corrosion treatment, has anti-rot, anti-termite, anti-fungal effect. It is specially used in outdoor environment and can be directly used in the environment that is in contact with water body and soil. It is the material of choice for wooden floors, fences, bridges, plank roads and other wooden skits in outdoor garden landscapes.

3, red cedar

Western Red Cedar is the highest grade of preserved wood in North America. Its excellent anti-corrosion capacity stems from naturally occurring alcohols known as Thujaplicins; in addition, an acidic substance known as Thujic that can be extracted from red cedar ensures that the wood is not attacked by insects and no longer requires manual labor. Antiseptic and pressure treatment. Red cedar has excellent stability, long service life, and is not easily deformed. In addition, it is also suitable for high-humidity environments such as saunas, bathrooms and kitchens. It is used to make cupboards, wardrobes, etc. to prevent lice and ticks. Red cedar is popular in the global market because it has not been chemically processed and has natural characteristics.

4, Southern Pine

The southern pine has the best strength and specific gravity. It has excellent nail holding power and is the strongest western softwood. Through anti-corrosion and pressure-treated yellow shirts, the preservative can reach the wooden core directly. It can be arbitrarily cut during the installation process. The section does not need to be painted with anti-corrosion paint. The product can be used in seawater or river water and will not be corroded.

5, hemlock

Hemlock is the most elegant and versatile tree species on the North American market. In terms of strength, it is slightly lower than that of yellow pine, which is more suitable for antiseptic treatment. The hard- and anti-corrosion-treated tincon fir material is beautiful and strong, comparable to natural and durable North American red cedar. Hemlock can maintain a stable shape and size without shrinkage, swelling, warping or twisting, and it is resistant to tanning. Almost all wood will turn dark after prolonged exposure to the sun, but hemlock can retain its color when it is freshly sawed after years of sun exposure. Hemlock has a strong nail holding power and excellent adhesive properties, can accept a variety of surface coatings, and is very wear-resistant, is an economical wood suitable for outdoor use.

The disadvantages of wood preservation

1. High moisture content: Due to the infusion of chemicals during the pressurization process, moisture is infiltrated into the interior of the wood. However, the wood-preserving companies generally do not use secondary drying, so the moisture content of the wood itself is high.

2, easy to deform, easy to crack: due to high moisture content of wood, in the use of the environment with the change in the use of wood, wet shrinkage, so that the wood produces internal stress, and deformation, cracking phenomenon.

3, uneven color, non-glossy: due to the chemical impregnation in the wood, the wood appears as a chemical color, green. Due to the different amount of infusion of the chemicals, the color of the wood is uneven, and the color difference is large and dull.

4, easy to change: With the loss of chemicals, the wood becomes lighter and gray.

5. It is not easy to recycle: As the chemical wood contains chemical agents harmful to the human body and livestock, the chemical wood needs to be specially processed after use, which increases the use cost. In addition, chemical wood can not be recycled, thus wasting wood resources.

Editor's summary: What are the types of wood and preservative wood for wood preservative? These are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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