Why the welding point will rust

Since the continuous price increase of stainless steel in the second half of 2016, many processors have changed the method of processing the stainless steel pipe welding point from the original polishing to the use of self-spraying paint that is closer to stainless steel. It is also a processing business such a welding point processing method, many users will reflect: Why do a good anti-theft window stainless steel tube tube no problem is quite bright, welding points but there are rust and rust spots it?

Xia Wowei Xiaobian after understanding with many masters of the processor, probably understand the reasons. Most of the reasons for this are that stainless steel processing is less active recently and the livelihood price cannot be raised. Therefore, some of the masters of the processing companies changed the method of soldering and waxing that was originally used to directly use the self-spraying method. This reduces costs and saves time and labor.

However, since the treatment of painting is not good, it can last for a short period of time. At most a year or two, it will fall because of the sun and rain. It took a long time for the stainless steel pipe to be rusted.

The best way to handle rust on stainless steel welds is:
1. If it is only a little rust, you can use white toothpaste to wipe with a towel and rinse with water.

2. If the rust is serious, you can polish it and polish it. Both methods can remove the rust from the solder joints. Finally, it is also recommended that the processing masters do not affect their own good reputation among users for the sake of instant convenience.

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