How is the removal temperature of the aluminum casting crystals?

How is the removal temperature of the aluminum casting crystals?

[China Aluminum Network] About the aluminum element we usually have contact with it, a lot of products are made of aluminum. What is the removal temperature of aluminum castings during the aluminum casting process? Aluminum castings need to effectively prevent the generation of blowholes during the production process. During the production process, it is necessary to take effective measures to minimize the moisture of its raw materials. During the processing of aluminum castings, reasonable selection of the casting process is required. Effectively strengthen its smelting quality management.

All the raw materials needed for aluminum castings and the tools needed for smelting need to be carefully cleaned of oil and rust on the surface. The quality of the alloy in the middle of the product and the quality of the returned material also need to be controlled in time and the quality is poor. The return material has broken metal shavings.

In general, the surface of the metal is not only agglomerated with water, but also effectively forms a crystal water with the metal oxide film, and then is baked at a low temperature at a certain temperature, so that the dissolved water and partial condensation can be effectively removed. Water.

Aluminum castings can remove most of their crystallization at a temperature of 500 degrees. It is necessary to shorten the smelting time as much as possible during the operation, so as to effectively reduce the amount of inhalation of the aluminum alloy, and the smelting of the product. The temperature must not be too high.

Because the higher the temperature, the larger the amount of inspiration is, the more generally the temperature will not exceed 800 degrees. During the smelting process, it is necessary to have a temperature measurement device to control it. In the process of use, it needs to be effective. To control the time of deterioration, the longer the time of deterioration, the higher the temperature of deterioration.

Aluminum alloy castings can effectively prevent the molten metal from directly reacting with the water in atmospheric water under the protection of the oxide film. Therefore, during the smelting and casting process, it is necessary to avoid the damage and deterioration of the oxide film.

After the aluminum castings are cast out, they still need a certain processing technology, so that the accuracy of the surface is better, the gloss and brightness are improved, and then applied to our lives.

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