Analysis of the market demand of China's plastic packaging industry from six major industries

Plastics are favored by the packaging industry for their unique physical and chemical properties and are used in a wide range of industries. On the one hand, China's huge national economic aggregate promotes the overall demand for plastic packaging to a high level; on the other hand, as China's economy enters a new stage of development, plastic packaging gradually meets the daily use of basic packaging and packaging. In the direction of meeting various specific needs, application areas and specific application environments are constantly evolving toward higher value-added. The following small series analyzes the market demand of China's plastic packaging industry from six major industries.
1. Packaging needs of the food industry
The food industry is the most important application area for plastic packaging. The specific application of plastic packaging products has many forms, which play the role of packaging, preserving and improving the appearance of products. From 2010 to 2015, China's food industry developed rapidly, and the overall main business income increased rapidly from 5.81 trillion yuan to 11.35 trillion yuan, nearly double the growth. In 2015, when the output of some major products such as finished sugar, milk powder and beer declined, China's food industry developed along the direction of branding, quality, diversification and processing, and its main business income still achieved a growth of 4.2%. In the future, in order to further enhance the brand image, reduce food safety risks and control costs, the food industry's demand for plastic packaging will be further enhanced, which is conducive to the stable and sustainable development of the plastic packaging industry.
Specifically, from 2010 to 2015, the output of agricultural and sideline food processing industry, food manufacturing industry, beverage industry and other products maintained overall growth, and both of them were accompanied by the demand for consumption upgrading, and proposed for the overall scale and product function and quality of plastic packaging. The requirements are constantly improving. For example, woven bags traditionally used for packaging rice, flour and other foods have poor barrier properties, are easy to absorb moisture and oxidize and degrade, and special plastic flexible packaging with strong barrier properties, puncture resistance and load resistance can provide good preservation. Performance, further preservation of rice noodles.
2. Demand for retail sales
Plastic packaging products such as cling film, packaging bags, shopping bags, etc. are widely used in traditional retail channels, such as farmers' markets, department stores, supermarkets, etc. The lightweight and sturdy attributes enable them to be used for packaging and carrying different consumers and different goods. demand. In the context of increasingly fierce market competition, in order to achieve differentiated competition, traditional retail channels have increasingly attached importance to providing consumers with a quality shopping experience, establishing emotional connections with consumers, and shopping bags as an external carrier of retail channel image. It has received the attention of department stores and supermarkets, and its requirements for appearance, quality and ease of use have become important factors driving the development of the plastic packaging industry.
3. Demand in the catering industry
The catering industry is a major consumer of plastic packaging, and plastic packaging plays an irreplaceable role in the preservation of food ingredients and the take-away of dishes. With the accelerating pace of urban residents' life and the accelerated penetration of the Internet in the whole society, more and more catering merchants have begun to engage in online take-out sales, driving the scale of China's catering O2O market from 9.2 billion yuan in 2010 to 161.6 billion in 2015. Yuan, compound growth rate as high as 77.39%. The fast-growing food and beverage market is forming a huge demand for plastic packaging. With the increasingly fierce competition in the take-away market, catering companies are trying to increase consumer satisfaction, and the packaging is broken, leaked and “white pollution” after use. The attention of other issues has been continuously improved, and the corresponding requirements for high-strength, anti-leakage and degradable plastic packaging have been put forward.
4. Demand in the pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry is related to people's health standards. Due to the requirements of medical procedures and cleanliness and hygiene, the pharmaceutical industry is an important source of demand for plastic packaging. It is a variety of plastic packaging with high barrier properties, stable properties and strong toughness. main market. Among them, the demand for plastic packaging in the medical process is mainly for the sterilization packaging of various medical instruments and appliances in the hospital, aseptic sampling and packaging bags. As the living standards of our residents continue to improve, the attention of the social population to health continues to increase. China's medical industry is developing rapidly. The demand for plastic packaging in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly medicinal plastic composite bags, plastic infusion bags, and plastic packaging. In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly. From 2010 to 2015, the income from the main business of chemical preparation manufacturing in China increased from 340.9 billion yuan to 618.16 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 14.86%. Packaging constitutes a stable demand.
5, the needs of the daily chemical industry
The demand for plastic packaging in the daily chemical industry is concentrated on washing products such as soap, laundry detergent, washing powder and shampoo. It has high requirements for puncture resistance, oxidation resistance and barrier properties of plastic packaging. With the continuous improvement of national life, people's requirements for the quality of home life and office environment have been continuously improved, and the demand for various types of washing products has grown rapidly.
6. Demand for the electronic information industry
China's electronic information industry is huge in scale, with a wide variety of products and a long industrial chain. The large-scale electronic information industry drives the demand for its supporting packaging products, including the packaging of terminal electronic products such as mobile phones and the safety packaging required for the products in the middle of the process. Taking integrated circuits as an example, integrated circuits are designed with precision and complex structure, and are less resistant to mechanical collisions, moisture, and magnetic fields during storage, transportation, and turnaround. Therefore, functional plastic packaging has a larger package on integrated circuits. demand. In the future, as China's integrated circuit industry continues to improve its technology and product added value, the demand for plastic packaging will continue to expand.

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