Double membrane gas cabinet technical requirements

Characteristics, principle and technology of double-membrane gas cabinets Technical requirements for double-membrane gas cabinets, operation principle of double-membrane gas cabinets, characteristics and advantages of double-membrane gas cabinets Introduction to the manufacturer of membrane materials The two-film gas cabinet membranes are made of corrosion-resistant and environmentally friendly. The special composite material is mainly composed of high-strength tensile fiber, air-tight anti-corrosion coating and surface coating. It has anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-microbial and ultraviolet functions, and the fireproof level reaches the B-class standard. Features of the double membrane gas cabinet outer membrane: The outer membrane of the double membrane gas storage cabinet has long been in the natural environment and needs good resistance to ultraviolet rays, wind, rain, snow and microorganisms. And the outer membrane is under pressure for a long time, so the outer membrane needs strong physical properties and good protection. Excellent outer film generally adopts tensile strength of 7000N/5CM or more, and 3 times PVDF surface coating protection. Moreover, the peeling strength reaches 200 N/5 CM or more, and delamination is less likely to occur. Since it is also likely to be in contact with the endomembrane gas, it is still necessary to have an anti-intima-related gas corrosion function. Intimal properties of double membrane gas cabinets: The inner membrane is used to hold the storage medium. Firstly, it needs the ability to resist or dissolve the gas medium. And the minimum amount of leakage, because it also needs repeated rise and fall. So the inner membrane needs to be thicker and softer. The excellent inner film base fabric is fine, the sealing layer is thick, and it is anti-corrosion. In order to prevent delamination, good peel strength is also required. The patented welding technology of the double-membrane gas cabinet introduces that most of the traditional welded joints have problems such as slitting, gas leakage and serious shrinkage. The main cause of the above problems is mainly due to insufficient power of the equipment (resulting in inability to weld, long welding time over welding), poor welding cooling, difficulty in grasping the degree of welding, welding process and poor quality control. On the equipment we use a specially modified mobile workbench high frequency welder. The gas cabinet body adopts high-frequency welding machine, which is mainly characterized by rapid heat (can be heated after positioning the gas cabinet), rapid cooling (cooling and setting after welding), penetration welding (internal and external interaction, avoiding traditional equipment from the outside to the outside) Uneven welding caused by internal heating). Double membrane gas cabinet welding process We have developed a professional welding technology structure and obtained national patents. After three times of welding in five steps, the weldability and airtightness are better. At present, the experiment has reached 500KP without leakage, and the strength has been tested over the base material for a long time. Http:// Double membrane gas cabinet technical requirements

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