90 square meters of decoration budget list details to prepare half-pack repair friends can not be taken lightly

90 square meters is currently one of the common types of units, so the 90 square decoration budget is the focus of attention of the owners. Although the cost of using your own decoration is not necessarily the same as on the list, but there is a price reference, you can be aware of the decoration. Then, the 90 square meters decoration budget needs much? Mainly depends on what kind of decoration they choose, half-package and all-inclusive price is certainly not the same, the choice of the main material of the brand different prices are different. Moreover, labor costs are constantly rising every year, and the quotations in different regions will also be different. Here I have compiled a 90 square meter decoration budget list for everyone, maybe it will help your decoration!

90 square meters decoration budget list

First, hydropower: With the development of commercial housing, the water circuit in the new house can meet the needs of life without much modification. If you want to save money, the hydropower project will make fewer changes. Do not make structural adjustments other than necessary.

Price Reference: The actual amount of hydropower projects, 90-level units ranging from 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan, the general home improvement company in advance of the 1000-2000 yuan of pre-payment of water and electricity.

Second, paving the floor tiles, wall tiles: Wall tiles are more complex than the floor, requiring careful work by the workers, so the cost is higher than the floor.

Reference fee: paving tiles 45 yuan to 53 yuan/square meter, sticking wall tiles 47 yuan to 55 yuan/square meter

Product reference:

Ordinary decoration: 30 yuan ~ 50 yuan / block (size 600mm × 600mm)

Reference brand: Guanghui, Dongpeng, Bode, Guanzhu, Nobel, Europe and the United States

High-end decoration: 60 yuan ~ 90 yuan / block (size 600mm × 600mm)

Reference brands: Marco Polo, LD, Dongpeng, Xinzhongyuan, Douglas

Note: Each square meter of tile algorithm 1/(tile length x width) is 600mm long and wide, and every square meter is 1/(0.6×0.6)≈3 pieces.

The floor area of ​​the wall tiles is five times that of the kitchen floor, but it is not very accurate.

Third, brush the wall: At present, the brush wall process for the interface agent again, scrape 3 times putty, brush 3 times latex paint. Some home improvement company quotes include technology and main and auxiliary materials. However, some companies will charge a separate fee for latex paint provided by the owners.

Price Reference: Putty 20~30 yuan / square meter, brush latex paint 15 ~ 40 yuan / square meter (including: putty, interface agent, latex paint, etc.)

Product reference:

Ordinary decoration: 5L latex paint, 200 yuan can be, such as: Nippon, Dulux and so on.

In the high-end decoration: use of paint in addition to formaldehyde, taste and other effects of the paint, the price of 300 yuan to 400 yuan.

Brush wall area calculation:

Housing area × 2.7 = wall area (The error between the area of ​​the brush wall calculated by the formula and the actual area of ​​the brush wall does not exceed 10%)

Note: The quotation provided by the home improvement company is deliberately underreporting the wall area of ​​the brush, which requires the owner to pay attention.

Fourth, ceiling: home improvement company in the calculation of ceilings are tricky, the general ceiling will be an overall offer, including: keel, sidelines, etc., informal companies will be charged separately.

Product reference:

Ordinary aluminum buckle ceiling 130 yuan ~ 140 yuan / square meter

Integrated ceiling 300 yuan ~ 400 yuan / square meter

Waterproof plasterboard ceiling 240 yuan ~ 250 yuan / square meter

Fifth, shop floor: Paving the floor is simple for home improvement companies, home improvement companies only need to level the level, cement calendering, floor paving completed by the business, so the cost is low.

Price Reference: 25 yuan to 35 yuan / square meter

Product reference:

Reinforced wooden floor 80 yuan ~ 160 yuan / square meter. Reference brand: Icon, Ou Sheng, Shuang Feng, Del, European people

Solid wood multi-storey wooden floor 200 yuan ~ 300 yuan / square meter. Reference brand: living home wood floor, Flinginger

Solid wood three-story wooden floor more than 300 yuan / square meter. Reference brand: icon, Dwyer

Solid wood floor more than 400 yuan / square meter. Reference brand: Icon, Anderson, Fillinger, Anderson

Warm floor: 200 yuan to 400 yuan / square meter. Reference brand: Joya floor, Beak, Birch forest

6. Wooden doors: The price of the interior doors varies greatly depending on the material. The owner can choose according to his needs.

Product reference:

Composite door in the 800 yuan ~ 3,000 yuan / fan, solid wood door more than 3,000 yuan / fan

Recommended brands: Bandi wooden doors, Panpan wooden doors, unified wood doors, Jiuya wooden doors, top solid ecological door

Seven, sanitary ware: Sanitary ware is an important main material in the home, can not be too provincial. Ordinary decoration owners can choose popular brands, such as: Hengjie, Faenza, Huida and other brands, they will launch special packages products, toilets, basins (bathroom cabinets), showers, etc. priced at 5000 ~ 10000 yuan, Consumers can buy at the event. The brand products differ greatly in price.

Product reference:

Ordinary decoration: package (toilet, basin, bathroom cabinet, shower) 5000 yuan ~ 10000 yuan

Reference brands: Anwar, Olussa, Wave Whale, Heng Jie, Faenza, Huida, Apollo

In the high-end decoration: toilet more than 3,000 yuan, basin (bathroom cabinet) more than 4,000 yuan, shower 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan

Reference brands: TOTO, Roca, GROHE, Kohler

8. Cabinets: The price difference of cabinets is large, and there are quality problems for plates below 700 yuan/mm. Therefore, it is recommended to choose products with more than 700 yuan.

Product reference:

Ordinary decoration: 800 yuan to 2,000 yuan/mm.

Reference brands: Rui Le, Sevis, Eagle, Sui, Zhibang, Bonta

In the high-end decoration: 2000 yuan / extension meters.

Reference brand: European School, Depot, Di Zanni

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is a detailed list of 90 square meters of decoration budgets. Friends who can prepare for half-packaging can not be taken lightly to introduce relevant knowledge. I hope to be able to help friends who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website. Follow-up will present more exciting content!

90 square meters decoration budget

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