The reason why the bearing surface grinding presents shortcomings

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The reason why the bearing surface grinding presents shortcomings

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The process of bearing grinding; the surface of the work is ground by high-speed rotating grinding wheel; therefore, if the equipment is not adjusted according to the operation instructions during grinding, the bearing appearance will present various shortcomings; thus affecting the overall quality of the bearing. Bearing fine grinding Time; because the rough demand is very high; the appearance of the work shows that the grinding marks can be observed with the naked eye.
The reflection of the interlaced spiral traces is mainly due to the poor straightness of the grinding wheel busbar; the appearance of the concave and convex; the grinding; the grinding wheel and the workpiece only have some touch; when the workpiece or the grinding wheel reciprocates several times; the workpiece embodiment will reproduce and intersperse. The spiral is visible to the naked eye. These helical pitches are related to the workpiece table speed and the workpiece speed; they are also not parallel to the grinding wheel axis line guide.
(1) The spiral constitutes the primary cause. The grinding wheel is poorly trimmed; the corners are not chamfered; the coolant is not trimmed,
2. The workbench guide guides too much lubricating oil; causing the workbench to float.
3. The machine tool accuracy is not good,
4. Grinding pressure is too large.
(2) The spiral line has a cause of 1. The V-shaped guide rail is not rigid enough; when grinding, the grinding wheel is offset; only the edge of the grinding wheel and the touch of the work surface,
2. When the quarrel is repaired, the commutation speed of the workbench is unstable; the precision is not high; the trimming of the grinding wheel is slightly less,
3. The workpiece itself is poorly rigid,
4. On the grinding wheel, there is a broken and falling sand. The workpiece is ground with iron scraps on the surface of the grinding wheel; for this purpose, the finished grinding wheel should be washed or rinsed with cooling water.
5. The dressing of the grinding wheel is not good; there are some bumps.
The appearance of the fish scale-like appearance reappears the scales of the fish. The main reason is that the cutting edge of the grinding wheel is not sharp; the phenomenon of "squatting" occurs during grinding; the oscillation is large at the moment. The appearance of the workpiece is scaly.
1. The surface of the grinding wheel has waste oil and dirt.
2. The wheel is not trimmed,
3. The grinding wheel becomes dull. The trimming is not sharp,
4. The diamond fastening frame is not strong; the diamond rocking or the quality of the diamond is not good,
5. The hardness of the grinding wheel is not uniform.
The main reason for the retrieving of the fluffing marks on the surface of the working surface is that the coarse-grained abrasive grains fall behind; the abrasive particles are formed between the workpiece and the grinding wheel.
When the workpiece is ground, the details are drawn by:
1. Traces left over from rough grinding; not worn out during fine grinding,
2. Coolant coarse particles and fine abrasive particles are not cleaned.
3. When the coarse-grained grinding wheel is just finished, the abrasive particles are simply dropped.
4. Useful period of data tolerance or grinding wheel is too soft,
5. Inadequate cooperation between abrasive resistance and workpiece data tolerance.
The surface of the workpiece has a straight wave trace. We will grind the cross-section of the vertical axis of the workpiece and enlarge it. It can be seen that its periphery is similar to a sine wave. Its core has no transitional translation along the axis; the sine wave is surrounded by a curved column. Face; also known as polygon.
The straight wave edge of the attack is caused by the grinding wheel moving relative to the workpiece or the grinding wheel periodically changes the grinding pressure of the workpiece to cause oscillation. This kind of oscillation can force the oscillation; it can also self-oscillate; therefore, the direct wave frequency on the workpiece is often more than one.
The exact cause of the straight waveform trace is:
1. The gap of the grinding wheel spindle is too large.
2. The hardness of the grinding wheel is too high,
3. The static balance of the grinding wheel is not good or the grinding wheel becomes dull.
4. The workpiece speed is too high,
5. The horizontal file is too large. The grinding wheel spindle bearing wears; the cooperation gap is too large; the radial runout occurs,
7. Grinding wheel compaction arrangement or workbench "匍匐" and so on.
The surface of the workpiece reproduces the burn marks. The surface grinding process of the workpiece often burns; there are several types of burns; one burns along the direction of the grinding wheel; it is dark black plaque, and the second is line or intermittent.
The surface grinding process of the workpiece is burned; there are several reasons for the following:
1. The grinding wheel is too hard or the grain size is too fine to be too dense.
2. The feed rate is too large; the supply of cutting fluid is lacking; the heat dissipation condition is poor,
3. The workpiece speed is too low; the grinding wheel speed is too fast,
4. The wheel is too oscillated; it burns due to the constant change of the grinding depth.
5. The dressing of the grinding wheel is not timely or the repair is not good.
6. Diamond is sharp; the wheel is not well trimmed,
7. When the workpiece is coarsely ground, the burn is too deep; the amount of fine grinding is too much. Lack of clamping force or suction of the workpiece; under the effect of grinding force;
Then how does the process of grinding the workpiece surface know how to burn? This should be checked out after a regular pickling.
After the workpiece is pickled; when the surface is wet; it should be visually inspected immediately under the astigmatism; the normal appearance is evenly dark gray. If it is a software point; it will appear cloud-like dark black mottle; and the perimeter is not fixed, if it is decarbonized, it will be gray or Dark black spots, if the grinding cracks; the crack is cracked; such as burns; a surface appears dark black plaque along the direction of the grinding wheel; two lines or intermittent lines.
If the grinding process presents the above-mentioned burn appearance; it is necessary to analyze the cause in time; adopt a useful method to solve it;
Appearance roughness does not meet the requirements of the bearing surface roughness of the standard process requirements; but the grinding process super-precision process; due to various reasons; often can not meet the requirements of the rule. Forming the roughness of the workpiece surface does not meet the primary cause:
1. The grinding speed is too low; the feed rate is too fast; the feed rate is too large; the no feed grinding time is too short,
2. If the workpiece speed is too high or the workpiece shaft wheel shaft oscillates too much,
3. The grinding wheel is too thick or too soft.
4. The dressing speed of the grinding wheel is too fast or the trimming arrangement is too large.
5. The dressing wheel diamond is not sharp or the quality is not good,
6. The quality of ultra-precision oilstone is not good; the orientation of the device is incorrect.
7. The quality of ultra-fine kerosene is not up to demand.
8. Super fine time is too short, etc.

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