Cherry wood solid wood What are the characteristics of how to identify cherry wood solid wood furniture

Cherry wood is a high-grade wood for furniture. For this reason, it is welcomed by many furniture manufacturers. The furniture produced is also highly appreciated by consumers. Of course, such expensive wood is prone to counterfeiting. What features of the cherry wood solid wood house? Can we tell? How can we avoid being cheated? Yazhen Furniture will take you today to learn how to identify cherry wood furniture .


Cherry Wood Introduction

Cherry wood is high-grade wood, and wood grain is straight wood grain. Cherry wood is mainly distributed in various parts of the eastern United States. The color of the heartwood of cherry wood is from brilliant red to brown red, and the sapwood is milky white. Cherry wood is born with brown tree heart spots and tiny gum nests. The texture is delicate, clear, and has good polishing and painting effects. It is suitable for high-end household items. Mechanical processing performance is good, drying is still fast, shrinkage is large when drying, but the dimensional stability after drying is very good.

The characteristics of cherry wood

Cherry wood core transition from deep red to light reddish brown, wood texture straight. Cherry wood has good bending properties, general strength and comparative load resistance. Cherry wood is easy to hand process, wood is not hard, the loss of the equipment is relatively small. In addition, the shrinkage of cherry wood after drying is more severe, but also this time, the performance after drying is very stable, and the application is very extensive.


How to identify cherry wood solid wood furniture

Identification of cherry wood veneer furniture and cherry wood solid wood furniture

The appearance of the furniture surface is clear and natural wood grain, smooth and flat, with good visual effects and feel, for the purchase of symmetrical furniture, we must pay attention to the color of the two boards, the consistency and coordination of the lines, make people feel two plates Like a piece of material.

It can be distinguished by hitting the wooden board of cherry wood furniture. The sound is solid wood. If it is not solid wood furniture, it will be boring when knocked on, because it is not solid wood or composite board. The density of the composite board is not uniform, so the sound gives us a sense of hearing.

The difference between Betula alba and Cherry

First of all, color: really cherry wood furniture yellowish, red birch, commonly known as red cherry. Secondly, there are black spots in the cherry wood in the texture, but not in the southwestern birch.

The difference between song willow and cherry wood

The texture of Qu Liumu is rough, the finish is not enough, and the wood is loose, not particularly natural and beautiful.

The market of solid wood furniture is very complicated. Be careful when buying furniture. It is easy to be deceived if you do not understand furniture. Then what features of cherry wood solid wood are introduced here. If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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