Sweet corn planting method? How to grow sweet corn?

Sweet corn is a kind of corn. Because it is sweet and mostly presented as a salad in western food, do you know how to grow sweet corn? The next small series will give you a detailed introduction to the cultivation method of sweet corn.

Sweet corn cultivation method:

It takes about 85 days from the emergence of the seedlings to the harvest of fresh ears.

1. Selection of sweet corn planting methods, soil preparation and fertilization

Sweet corn must choose a place with deep soil, strong fertility and convenient drainage. If the front is soy or wheat, it is better. The land should be deeply cultivated, leveled, and then fertilized. Fertilization is mainly based on farmyard manure. 40 tons of high-quality decomposed farmyard manure per hectare, 250 kg of diammonium phosphate per hectare, 40 kg of urea and 75 kg of Potassium Sulfate. The ridge distance should be reached. 70cm, then you can plant it.

Second, the isolation of planting methods of sweet corn

Sweet corn is sweet because it is determined by its own genes. If other corn pollen is mixed in during flowering, sweet corn will lose its sweetness and become ordinary corn. Therefore, it is necessary to grow sweet corn with other varieties. Separated by a distance of 400 meters. It is also possible to use the wrong flowering period of sweet corn and ordinary corn, as long as it is staggered for more than 20 days.

Third, the cultivation method of sweet corn is suitable for sowing

Before sowing, you should do a germination test and then decide the amount of seeding. The earliest sowing date is stable when the temperature is 12 °C; if the film is covered, it can be planted 7-10 days earlier, and the seedling transplanting can be planted 10-15 days earlier; the latest sowing period should ensure the temperature is 18 in the harvesting period. Above °C. If it is for the purpose of harvesting fresh ears, it can be planted in the late April, in order to harvest dry seeds, as long as it can ensure the harvest of dry grains can be planted at appropriate times as needed. After sowing, cover with a fine soil of weedless seeds, the soil should not be too thick, about 3 cm is appropriate, and then cover a layer of mulch to reduce water evaporation. Then put the shed cover film, the shed is 40 cm high.

4. Seedling transplanting of sweet corn planting methods

Sweet corn can not be uncovered before emergence, and the temperature inside the membrane is controlled at 20-35 degrees. When the temperature is not high, pay attention to the insulation of the straw mat, and pay attention to timely watering and other sweet corn leaves up to 3 pieces. Transplanting was carried out. The day before transplanting, water was sprayed with foliar fertilizer and the planting density of sweet corn was 45,000 per hectare.

V. Field management of sweet corn planting methods

If there is a lack of seedlings or dead seedlings during sweet corn planting, pay attention to timely planting. Sweet corn is more prone to tillering. It is necessary to remove the tillers in time, and the tillers should be processed several times to ensure cleanness.

The sweet corn plants are relatively long, so the bear ears are taken out when the fertilizer is sufficient, and the 225-300 kg spray of chlormequat 450ml per hectare is sprayed to make the roots of the sweet corn thicker and higher. Resistance to lodging and corn production.

6. Pest control of sweet corn planting methods

Sweet corn has high nutritional value, so it attracts more pests. It is generally corn borer, chafer, aphid and other pests. If sweet corn is attacked by pests, it will directly affect the value of sweet corn. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent it in advance and not use anti-drug pesticides. 50% carbendazim WP 500 times solution can effectively control corn size spot disease; use Trichogram bee egg card to control corn borer, 30 pieces can be placed on one hectare.

7. Harvesting of sweet corn at the right time

The harvest of sweet corn is mainly determined by the taste of sweet corn. It can be harvested about 20 days after pollination. The harvest should be the best in the morning. It must be harvested at low temperature and sold in time.

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