Cars and home appliances will be the new battlefield for modified plastics

With the continuous development of plastics , the application fields of plastics are becoming more and more extensive. The most attractive products manufacturers are modified plastics. The superior performance of modified plastics replaces some metals, allowing customers to use the same quality at a lower price. The products, cars and appliances will be the new battlefield for modified plastics.
The development of China's modified plastics industry began in the 1990s. Before that, China's modified plastics basically needed to be imported from abroad. In the early stage of industry development, domestic modified plastics enterprises mainly use their own labor cost advantages to seize the middle and low-end products market. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, China's modified plastics industry has gradually grown up with a number of well-known enterprises with independent research and development capabilities, the innovation ability of new products and the stability of mass production have been greatly improved, some modified plastics In the formulation, process and other aspects have reached the international advanced level.
First, the application of modified plastics
Modified plastic refers to the addition of suitable modifiers to the matrix of general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics. It is modified by filling, blending and strengthening to improve the flame retardancy, impact resistance, strength and stretchability of plastics. , toughness, etc. Modified plastics are widely used, mainly in the automotive industry, home appliance industry, electrical and electronic industry, construction industry, medical industry and many other industries. With the trend of “plasticizing steel” and “lightweight automobile, light and fashionable home appliances” Impact, the gradual implementation of policies such as “new urbanization” and “building beautiful China”, the application products of the industry will be further expanded, and the technological upgrading and innovation of enterprises and the optimization and adjustment of product structure will bring broad development prospects for the industry. .
Second, the industrial chain has a large market capacity
The main raw materials for modified plastics include synthetic resins such as PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PS (polystyrene), and ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer). Synthetic resin is extracted from petroleum and natural gas refining. Therefore, its upstream industry is mainly in the petrochemical industry.
From the perspective of the terminal industry, modified plastics have special excellent performance, and at the same time have cost advantages. Plastics are used to replace wood and plastic to replace steel. The terminal industry mainly involves automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, electronic appliances, building materials, machinery manufacturing, etc. The product audience is relatively wide, and the market capacity is relatively large. Therefore, the demand and development of the terminal industry affect the market size, development speed and product price of the industry.
Third, investment strategy: cars and home appliances are the breakthrough direction
From the point of view of the industrial chain of modified plastics, both the upstream industry and the downstream industry are large-scale and relatively mature enterprises. Therefore, the pricing power of the modified plastics industry is not high. However, the demand for modified plastics in automobile vehicles is increasing, and the proportion of modified plastics in the whole vehicle is gradually increasing. Secondly, the new product development cycle of household electrical appliances is shorter, and the replacement is faster, and the modification is faster. The demand for plastics is constantly changing, requiring modified plastics manufacturers to continuously improve their formulations according to customer needs. In fact, the modified plastics have customized properties, a certain technical content and a large amount of use. With the development of materials technology, the replacement rate of modified plastics to metals continues to increase.

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