How to distinguish the quality of the egg tray machine host?

Many customers choose the egg tray machine, do not know from which aspects to identify the quality of an egg tray machine, Haichuan machinery professional engineers to answer your questions, for you.

In the machine parts of the entire assembly line, there is no doubt that the host (former) is the most critical component, but how is the host identified? The quality of the host is identified from the following points.

1: The customer can ask the manufacturer to start the host to identify the stability. When the egg tray machine is running normally, there is no vibration, no setback, stable running at a constant speed, no noise.

2: Positioning accuracy. Rotate the main machine to observe the matching gap between the forming mold and the transfer mold. The gap between the forming mold and the transfer mold is consistent. Observe the four corners of the mold contact surface. The gap is 1 mm for the best fit clearance. If the selected host is multi-faceted Machine, turn to see if the gap between each surface forming mold and the transformation mold can achieve the best clearance requirements.

3: Whether the material selected by the egg tray machine is reasonable. First of all, the main frame should choose the national standard channel steel as the support part of the main machine. The main shaft type of the main machine is 45# solid carbon steel. This steel torque and toughness are the best. The best choice for the main axis class. It is best to choose a corrosion-resistant and lightweight material for the template and the sink.

4: The gearbox of the key components of the main engine operation, Haichuan gearbox is Taiwanese technology, stable operation, high positioning accuracy and long service life. The gearbox is maintenance-free for five years.

5: Dewatering and sealing assembly parts should choose wear-resistant materials. Haichuan chooses brass and stainless steel as sealing discs. These two materials are the best in corrosion-free wear-resistant type!

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Label: How to tell the quality of the egg tray machine host?

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