Electronic scale maintenance knowledge

Electronic scales must be maintained. This is a concept that many people know; but how is it maintained? How can we maintain the electronic bench life longer? Is it hard to maintain? Is it not worth the effort to maintain it? In fact, many of these problems are short-lived concepts, and they are also very vague. Even if they do not pursue it, they will be “harmonized” by the concept of “don’t care”. However, some concepts can be harmonious, and some concepts must not be harmonized, especially on the electronic scale maintenance knowledge. As a real person in charge of electronic scale users, you are the "master" of electronic scales, therefore, the following As a master you must know:

1. The appearance of the indicator, printer, and computer must always be wiped clean and kept clean and clean.

2. 2. Always check if the wiring is loose or broken and if the grounding cable is secure. Find the wiring problem in time and ensure it is correct.

3, the junction box must be dry and clean, the box desiccant regularly dry replacement. If there are any drops in the box, you can use a hair dryer to dry. (Depending on whether the junction box is waterproof and waterproof grade for different levels of maintenance).

4. When the instrument is in the gross state, when empty scale, if it is found that the zero cursor is off, it should be cleared before weighing.

5, off work, cut off the power indicator and computer.

6. Suddenly power off, the meter and the computer need to turn on after 5 minutes.

7. The power must be cut off when the machine is off work, and the vehicle platform or cargo may not stay for a long time on the scale platform.

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