Analysis of the Predicament of Yongkang Hardware in Hardware Center

Recently, the Yongkang World Trade Center, which is known as the tallest building in Zhejiang Province, started construction. This tall building is located in the center of Yongkang's headquarters. Behind the rise of the high-rise building is the blueprint of the Yongwu City hardware industry highland that Yongkang is committed to. Yongkang wants to transform into a hardware design and development center from the hardware manufacturing base.

Industrial strategy breaks down administrative barriers
Yongkang people walked around the square, and the spillover of Yongkang hardware industry has spilled an industrial cluster with an output value of nearly 100 billion yuan in Yongwu. However, if the administrative barriers are unremarkable, it seems to be an obstacle to further strengthening the hardware industry in the three places.

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Government took the lead, and Yongkang, Wuyi and Jinyun broke the boundaries of the administrative region, jointly compiled the “Implementation Plan for the Transformation and Upgrading of the Hardware Industry Cluster of Yongkang (Wuyi, Jinyun)”, and coordinated the ideas and main objectives of the transformation and upgrading of the hardware industry in the three places. And the key areas, to achieve the three industries "industry co-tree, brand protection, quality co-creation, platform sharing", with the hardware industry as the link, from the competition to the competition.

"The preparation of the implementation plan marks the era of the three people's self-sweeping in front of the snow, and has begun to transform and upgrade to an orderly and self-owned brand of modern industrial clusters," said Xu Jianhua, secretary of the Yongkang Municipal Party Committee.

Yongkang has nearly 10,000 hardware manufacturing enterprises, and the output value of hardware industry accounts for 90% of the city's industrial output value. The more and more enterprises that are getting bigger and bigger, the higher the development cost of Yongkang hardware enterprises. Many companies are beginning to flow out to the surroundings. According to statistics, more than 800 companies have entered Yongwu into Wuyi, and more than 100 have flowed into Jinyun. In the past few years, large-scale hardware industry clusters with annual sales income exceeding 100 billion yuan have been formed in Yongkang, Wuyi and Jinyun, but they are facing the dilemma of low-end industrialization and product homogenization.

"Breaking the regional boundaries and holding the group together for development." At the end of last year, Yongkang took the lead in proposing this idea. Wuyi County and Jinyun County agreed very much about this. They believed that the cooperation between the three places would facilitate the effective allocation of resources and avoid redundant construction.

The implementation plan is still being worked out, and the three places have already begun operations. In view of the fact that the enterprises of Yongwuyu Hardware Industry Belt are “small and scattered”, the three places have encouraged enterprises to take the road of merger and development. Not long ago, Yongkang Zhongli Group has merged six security door companies in three places. At the same time, the five centers of Yongkang Convention and Exhibition Center, Headquarters Center, Logistics Center, Hardware Technology Innovation Center and Customs Clearance Center serving the Yongwu Hardware Industry Cluster have also started construction. After the completion of these five centers, all enterprises in the three places shared equally.

In the "Yongkang (including Wuyi, Jinyun) hardware industry cluster transformation and upgrading implementation plan (2009 ~ 2012)", experts suggest that the cluster's industrial positioning is to build a "1 + 2 + 3" modern industrial system, that is, strong daily hardware Pillar industry; enlarge the two leading industries of economic and environmentally-friendly vehicles and characteristic equipment manufacturing; accelerate the development of new special materials manufacturing and production service industries, selectively develop casting and forging and mold manufacturing industries; foster the organic integration of the five major manufacturing industries A composite modern industrial cluster with a positive interaction between manufacturing and service industries.

Craftsman diverted as a waiter
There must be a division of labor in the joint nature, otherwise disorderly competition is bound to break the union. Yongkang set its own position in the headquarters of hardware manufacturing. Last year, the city put forward the industrial development ideas of “building five major centers, building public platforms, developing headquarters economy” and the three-product development ideas of “reliance on hardware industry, separation of main and auxiliary industries, and development of service industry”, and strive to promote economic transformation and upgrading. In 2009, the city increased the industrial economic development incentive fund index of 13 million yuan to support foreign trade, effectively encourage enterprises to expand export scale, and curb the original downward trend of export. Faced with the global financial crisis, with the guidance and support of the government, many enterprises in the city have turned crises into opportunities and won the opportunity of enterprise development. As of November 2009, the city's foreign trade exports totaled 165.42 million US dollars.

When Governor Lu Zushan visited Yongkang, he praised Yongkang for his eye-catching performance in the context of the global economic downturn and became one of the province's "most stable economic sectors." After that, the "most stable economic sector" became the "pronoun" of Yongkang under the influence of the current financial crisis. In Yongkang, there are several leading enterprises in an industry, a large number of supporting manufacturers, and a large number of family industries. From beginning to end, a complete industrial chain has been formed. The solidity against the "storm" is very strong, and the entire economy is relatively stable.

In the face of the once-in-a-century financial crisis, the Yongkang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have effectively reduced the burden on enterprises, boosted the confidence of enterprise development, and tried every means to help enterprises actively respond to the challenges of the macro environment. In 2009, the proportion of local fiscal revenue to total fiscal revenue increased to 52.58%. The local financial resources of the city have increased by a large margin, thanks to the city's vigorous development of the “headquarters economy” in recent years. Auxiliary separation and other work. In 2009, the city fully integrated the advantages of the separation and development of the service industry and the hardware industry cluster. According to the commonality of the hardware industry, the logistics industry was established as the “dominant”, and the R&D and after-sales service were the “two wings”. The way is “stagfighting” and “geese formation” to separate and develop the service industry guidance system. 28 new primary and auxiliary separation enterprises have been added throughout the year, maintaining a relatively stable growth trend.

An industry insider believes that if Yongkang Hardware can be transformed from a single manufacturing in the past to a provider of hardware services such as logistics, design, R&D, etc., the process of craftsman turning into a waiter is also the process of Yongkang Hardware Phoenix Nirvana.


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