Why is tobacco production reasonably modulating concentration?

During the whole growth period, the tobacco plant is harmed by various diseases, insects and grasses at the same time, or several diseases, insect pests and grass damages can occur at the same growth period. If it is controlled according to each pest and disease, this Not only can it not be kept in terms of labor force and medical equipment, but it is also not allowed in time. At the same time, the cost of prevention is very high and it is not economical. Mixing two or more pesticides with different effects according to a certain ratio and rationally mixing them can achieve the purpose of treating several pests and diseases simultaneously. At the same time, it can also improve the control effect of pesticides and prevent premature resistance of pests and diseases. Produced, greatly reducing the cost of agricultural production. In general, the rational mixing of pesticides has the following advantages: (1) treating several diseases and insect pests; (2) obtaining good control effects on the existing pests, and having no resistance to them. Pests can also prevent or delay the resistance of drugs; (3) Some agents can not play a single dose after mixing with each other, and improve the control effect on tobacco pests and diseases; (4) can extend the medicament The duration of use, such as emulsifiable concentrate and other agents, as long as the emulsifiable concentrate is not destroyed, generally extend the duration of the drug; (5) can save the dosage of the drug and reduce the cost of prevention.

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