2010 ultra-thin stone board has a bright future

Ultra-thin natural is recognized as a green building material in the 21st century because of its small size, light weight, natural pattern, and durability. Natural stone ultra-thin plates are widely used in the production of honeycomb composite panels, aluminum-plastic composite panels and direct paste decoration. Its distinctive features are:

Green, saving resources
In today's society that advocates green environmental awareness and advocates the protection and rational use of the earth's mineral resources, stone, as a limited mineral resource on the earth, is receiving more and more attention from governments and people of all countries, saving stone mineral resources. In particular, the production and use of ultra-thin natural stone slabs of rare, odd and special stones is undoubtedly in line with the above requirements and development trends. It can not only save and effectively utilize China's precious stone resources and imported precious stone, but also has ultra-thin plates. Low radioactivity, uniform water absorption, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, solid and durable, natural color and anti-pollution and easy to clean.

Light weight and convenient construction
The ultra-thin natural stone weighs only one-third of the weight of ordinary plates. From the design aspect, the amount of concrete and steel used can be reduced from the overall structure of the building, which greatly reduces the construction cost. From the construction point of view, the product In the installation, the composite board is used for dry hanging or the special glue for stone is used to paste and dry the cement mortar with ordinary board. It has the advantages of less glue, easy operation and convenient purchase, and can be completed by one person or a few. It can reduce the production cost of raw materials, and can save more than 70% of construction work, especially direct paste. The use of special glue has good water retention and isolation, and better solves the pollution problem caused by efflorescence of stone finish. Therefore, the appearance of stone water spots and white glaze caused by the sticking of cement mortar is also avoided.

High strength and good impact resistance
The natural stone ultra-thin board is made of honeycomb board and aluminum-plastic composite board. The compressive strength of the product is 3-5 times that of ordinary board, and it has the characteristics of high flatness, strong shock resistance, fireproof, sound insulation and heat insulation effect.

Good gloss, such as Jinan, Jinan, Shandong, can reach more than 100 degrees
With good light transmission, the natural stone's natural and beautiful texture can be displayed with the help of light effects, giving the living space a simple and natural, elegant and warm, noble and timeless and long-lasting artistic conception, which can be applied to the ground, floor, ceiling and The interior and exterior walls are ideally decorated for office, home and casino.

It has been widely used in foreign countries, and it still needs to be widely promoted in China.
Ultra-thin natural stone has been mass-produced in the United States, Italy, France and Germany, and is widely used in various buildings. For example, a building using ultra-thin stone in Alaska, USA, after years of harsh environment and suffering from more than one major earthquake, is still safe to use without any abnormality; France's new Arc de Triomphe uses honeycomb panels, Shanghai gold The Mao Building uses German ultra-thin plates. In the United States and other countries, the annual output value of a manufacturer is more than 1 billion US dollars. Due to the high price, the Chinese market has limited capacity. Their current market is too late to do so, so they have not advanced to the Chinese market. With the advancement of the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo, the application of domestic ultra-thin panels in construction will gradually be widely used in domestic construction. Currently, there are several enterprises in Changzhou, Dalian, Xiamen and Shandong. The ultra-thin natural stone plate and its composite board are being produced, and the benefits are very good. In China, the price of ultra-thin composite panels is as high as US$300 per square meter. Shanghai Jinmao Tower has nearly 4,000 yuan per square meter when it is decorated with ultra-thin stone composite panels (including installation fees). According to relevant information, there have been 26 years of history of stone honeycomb panels for exterior wall decoration in foreign countries.

Low domestic profit margins
The low price is an important feature of China's stone products compared with similar foreign products. It is not only reflected in the low labor cost in China, but also the price of stone blocks is lower, and the price of ordinary plates is lower. However, after the ordinary plate is cut, the added cost is only: the fixed thickness is about 10 yuan per square meter, the polishing fee is about 5 yuan per square meter (the other side is polished), and the cutting cost is 5 square meters. Yuan, a total of about 20 yuan per square meter, sold to composite board plants or builders can increase by about 200 yuan per square meter, if made of honeycomb panels or aluminum-plastic composite panels, about 900 yuan per square meter in China. It can be seen that the processing value of ultra-thin board is higher, the profit margin is larger, the market is attractive, and the prospect is good.

Alnico (AlNiCo) is the first developed a permanent magnet is made of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and other trace metals composition of an alloy.According to different production process is divided into sintered Alnico (Sintered AlNiCo), and cast aluminum nickel and cobalt (Cast AlNiCo).Product shape of the round and square. Sintered products limited to the small size, their production out of rough tolerance is better than the rough cast product can be better workability.

Alnico alloys can be magnetised to produce strong magnetic fields and have a high coercivity (resistance to demagnetization), thus making strong permanent magnets. Of the more commonly available magnets, only rare-earth magnets such as neodymium and samarium-cobalt are stronger. Alnico Magnets produce magnetic field strength at their poles as high as 1500 gausses (0.15 teslas), or about 3000 times the strength of Earth's magnetic field. Some brands of alnico are isotropic and can be efficiently magnetized in any direction. Other types, such as Alnico 5 and alnico 8, are anisotropic, with each having a preferred direction of magnetization, or orientation. Anisotropic alloys generally have greater magnetic capacity in a preferred orientation than isotropic types. Alnico's remanence (Br) may exceed 12,000 G (1.2 T), its coercivity (Hc) can be up to 1000 oersteds (80 kA/m), its energy product ((BH)max) can be up to 5.5 MG·Oe (44 T·A/m). This means that alnico can produce a strong magnetic flux in closed magnetic circuits, but has relatively small resistance against demagnetization. The field strength at the poles of any permanent magnet depends very much on the shape and is usually well below the remanence strength of the material.

Alnico alloys have some of the highest Curie temperatures of any magnetic material, around 800 °C (1,470 °F), although the maximal working temperature is normally limited to around 538 °C (1,000 °F).[4] They are the only magnets that have useful magnetism even when heated red-hot.[5] This property, as well as its brittleness and high melting point, is the result of the strong tendency toward order due to intermetallic bonding between aluminium and other constituents. They are also one of the most stable magnets if they are handled properly. Alnico magnets are electrically conductive, unlike ceramic magnets.

Alnico magnets are widely used in industrial and consumer applications where strong permanent magnets are needed; examples are electric motors, electric guitar pickups, microphones, sensors, loudspeakers, magnetron tubes, and cow magnets. In many applications they are being superseded by rare-earth magnets, whose stronger fields (Br) and larger energy products (BHmax) allow smaller-size magnets to be used for a given application.

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