Guardian WT-L8 fingerprint lock recommended

Guardian WT-L8

The Guardian WT-L8 fingerprint lock is an intelligent system for real-time access management of access doors through fingerprint recognition technology and network communication technology. It is the only intelligent slide fingerprint lock embedded in the management interface in the world. It integrates security, stability, convenience, economy and many other. Advantages, best-selling in many countries. It is suitable for all kinds of confidential units such as banks, military, prisons, etc. It is also suitable for intelligent office buildings, star-rated hotels, high-end residences, villas and other civil places. The guardian WT-L8 is of excellent quality, powerful and exquisite workmanship. Fingerprint lock.

Advanced features
Double fingerprint verification
The system must be set by the administrator to have two users present at the same time to open the door.
Unique slide design
Excellent system startup settings and waterproof and dustproof treatment.
User Management
Administrator/user/guest can be set, hierarchical management. Different levels have different permissions. The fingerprint of the guest is automatically deleted upon expiration.
User-friendly operation menu
It's as easy as a mobile phone to operate basic system settings, in and out of record queries.
Convenient access mode
Simply verify the registered fingerprint or password to save the trouble of having a key.
Optional multi-point lock body
The standard anti-theft door electronic lock body can match most security doors.
Can be set to normally open function
It is easy to switch normally open and normally closed, suitable for use in various places.
Low pressure alarm function
The battery level LCD display, low voltage automatic alarm.
Available dry battery or rechargeable battery
A variety of power modes are available.
Blue LED display
Chinese and English menu prompts.
We provide safety as well as fashion
32 and Xuan bell operation sounds
Emergency key opening
The emergency key can be used to open the door or an external power source to open the door in an emergency.
system initialization
The system can be initialized in case of an abnormal situation.
Record query
Can be queried by date, name, or one by one
System protection
When the verification fails for 5 consecutive times, the system is self-locked for 120 seconds;
No operation for 10 seconds, the system automatically enters the power saving mode.
International standard 12 button
0-9 and “#”, “*” are used to enter the number and user's name, set the password, and so on.
product features
product Product name description
   WT-L8    Stand-alone    4 section 5 batteries
   TCP/IP Network Edition    User-friendly operating software, available battery or external power supply.
* Power mode can be selected.
Parameter Description
   project    Parameter Description
   Fingerprint reader    Optical fingerprint collector
   Acquisition time    <1 second
   Verification time    <1 second
   Resolution    500DPI
Authentication method    1: N; 1:1
   Opening method

  Fingerprint, password, wake-up code + fingerprint, emergency key to open the door

   Refusal rate    0.001%
   False rate    0.00001%
   Fingerprint capacity    300 pieces
   Opening record    50000
   stand-by current    12uA
   Working current    10mA-300mA
   Working power supply

   4 (AA) dry batteries,
Emergency external power supply

   Operating temperature    -30 °C ~85 °C
   Working humidity    <90%
   LCD    Blue LCD screen
   Language display    Chinese English
   communication method    TCP/IP, RS232, RS485
Available in a variety of lock options
Professional security door special lock body
Standard Wooden door lock

Wooden Interior Doors

Wooden Interior Doors

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